Month: October 2013

Our Secret Agents

I have to start by saying what other field would allow for a job where you get to create cool videos and creative for a living. I love this part of my job, so I hope you will indulge me by watching our video “Jackson Systems’ Secret Agents.” It’s only a few minutes long and […]

The Problem with Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it: Social Media plays a big part in your marketing. Each month, the audience grows bigger, the “age boundaries” shrink away and more people discover hidden profit windfalls by marketing right. Too many HVAC contractors aren’t social media experts – they’re heating and cooling experts – so they either copy what they’ve seen […]

Honeywell Giving Away 4 Indian Chief Motorcycles

Honeywell and Indian Motorcycle — two American icons — have teamed up for the High Gear Humidification Program. There’s no better time to open up the throttle on your humidifier installations, because now every qualifying Honeywell humidifier comes with a chance to win a new 2014 Indian Chief, the flagship model of the popular Indian […]