Month: July 2013

Diversitech Line Now Available at Jackson Systems

We have recently added to our product offerings to continue to provide the greatest level of selection and ease-of-use for our clients. We now offer Diversitech condensate pumps, Charles Gallo Brand Drain Gun, SwitchCap™ Dual Multi-Value Capacitor and Wet Switch. Diversitech condensate pumps are ideal for use with condensate from high efficiency gas furnaces or […]

Redesigned Prestige® Thermostats Available Now in 4 Color Options

The newly redesigned Prestige thermostats from Honeywell are here! The sleek new design offers a smaller profile, 4 high-gloss frame color options (Black/Black, White/Gray, White/White, Silver/Gray) and a customizable high-definition display with nearly limitless color options for the design conscious customer. The Prestige thermostat still provides the same easy remote management and self-monitoring diagnostics with […]

Product Submissions Available Online

We pride ourselves in making it easy to use our products. Whether that’s ease of installation, great technical support or providing the tools you need at your fingertips, Jackson Systems is committed to excellent client service. To make it easier to specify our light commercial offerings, we have recently developed product specification sheets and posted […]

“Win or Just Participate?” Courtesy of Greg McAfee

Contrary to political correctness, Americans remain quite competitive and have a strong desire to win. It starts when our children are young, be it in Little League or any other competitive environment. Even if we are unwilling to keep score, and even if everyone gets a trophy or a blue ribbon for participating, the real […]

Meet Jaymie Hunkler, Jackson Systems Account Manager

Meet Jaymie Hunckler, account manager with Jackson Systems. Jaymie joined Jackson Systems in March of this year. She spends her time here providing solutions to her clients and ensuring Jackson Systems is providing exceptional client service. When not juggling 10-1/2 month old twins, Jaymie is an avid DYI-er who loves music and the outdoors. Click […]