Month: April 2013

Service Roundtable Brand Days

Jackson Systems will be one of the hosts for the Service Roundtable Brand Days coming up in Nashville, TN on May 9 and in Greensboro, NC on May 16. These half day seminars will focus on the importance the contractors brand, best practices for branding and all of the points of interaction that define a […]

Thermostat Recycling Program at Jackson Systems

As a participant in the Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC), Jackson Systems is committed to helping contractors and homeowners dispose of old mercury thermostats properly. TRC facilitates and manages the collection and proper disposal of mercury-containing thermostats. The Thermostat Recycling Corporation is an industry-funded non-profit corporation supported by 31 manufacturers who historically branded and sold mercury thermostats in […]

Preaching to the Choir – Customer Service Excellence by Steve Coscia

Last week, while traveling throughout the Midwest to teach customer service seminars about how to convert incoming phone calls into more sales, I had an epiphany.   My client, a well-established and first-rate distributor, invested in the marketing and promotion. Dealers were given incentive to attend a seminar which was held in multiple cities.  Locations were […]