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ACCA Disaster Relief Fund Aids New Jersey & New York ACCA Members

Information provided by Bobby Ring (President/CEO of Meyer & Depew)


As you know, Hurricane Sandy slammed New Jersey and New York late last month. Last week I traveled to meet with several contractor members in areas of New Jersey and New York that were devastated. Several of the employees of these members LOST EVERYTHING – their homes were destroyed and all of their possessions were lost. Members also reported having storm surge in their shops and offices from 4 feet to more than 8 feet. Computer systems, plasma cutters and inventory were all destroyed. Initial FEMA estimates show that more than 72,000 businesses and homes were battered by the storm in New Jersey alone.


The purpose of my visit to these contractors last week was to distribute financial assistance from the ACCA Disaster Relief Fund. This fund was established following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and it depends upon folks like you to help keep it going.


If you had a great year and were spared the wrath of a natural disaster (we had a hurricane, minor eartth quake and a Nor’easter 12″ snow storm all within 10 days in NJ/NY) then I’ll hope you’ll consider making a non-tax deductible donation to ACCA’s Disaster Relief Fund so ACCA can continue to provide assistance to ACCA members and their employees.
Follow the link below to make your contribution today. THANK YOU.


Donate Now!


By making a non-tax deductible donation to ACCA’s Disaster Relief Fund, you are helping ACCA provide assistance to ACCA member contractors who have been significantly impacted by natural disasters.


Jackson Systems is proud to be an ACCA Corporate Partner. Thank you to ACCA for their efforts to help. At Jackson Systems, giving back to others is a huge part of who we are. So we ask you to join us and encourage everyone to help make a difference.

The ecobee EMS Beta App is now available to download for free in iTunes

The new EMS App was developed in partnership with you, our commercial customers who range from HVAC contractors and distributors, to facility managers and business owners. The EMS App was created to provide you with a simple and easy way to monitor and control all of your EMS and EMS Si thermostats while on the go.
With the ecobee EMS App, you can be more responsive to your tenants, employees and customers, address problems quickly, decrease the number of expensive on-site service calls and increase your overall efficiency.


Some exciting features of the EMS App we think you will enjoy include:


Watch List – you can create a custom watch list of thermostats to quickly keep tabs on priority spaces and locations with repeat issues.

Alerts List – conveniently summarizes all current issues and maintenance actions, allowing you to address problems immediately.
Access On the Go – you will gain remote visibility into each of your ecobee EMS/EMS Si thermostats and have the ability to make simple adjustments.
Click here to download the App!

The Best Zoning Manufacturers

We are strong believers that what is good for one business is good for the HVAC industry as a whole, even when it comes to the competition. Never ones to shy away from being blatantly honest when it comes to competition, we decided to compile a list of the best zone control manufacturers that we are proud to call industry colleagues.


Arzel Zoning 


Arzel Zoning really invented retrofit zoning, which enabled existing homes the ability to add zoning to their existing HVAC system. They use air to power their dampers instead of electricity. We applaud them for their innovative culture and for always coming up with new products. Their President, Dennis Laughlin, is a good man who is very active in the industry.  They are strong believers in “a rising tide raises all ships” – in other words, if we can make more people aware of the benefits of zoning, then ALL the zoning manufacturers will prosper. We could not agree more.




Honeywell is the biggest HVAC supplier by far.  We admire them for their ability to maintain such a large share of the market, not to mention they make great products.  They are also aggressive with their marketing and have a huge sales force, including a dedicated staff to call on wholesalers, and another to call on contractors.  There is no doubt they play a major role in the direction of the HVAC industry.




EWC has been around for over 50 years, and are known for being one of the pioneers of zoning.  They manufacture good products that are made in the USA, which may be part of the reason why their clients are some of the most loyal in the industry.



This list represents some of the best zoning manufacturers in the HVAC industry. If you are looking for solutions that Jackson Systems does not offer, you won’t go wrong with one of these three.


Happy Thanksgiving from Jackson Systems

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our employees to reflect on the past year and share what they are thankful for. Here are some of their answers:


Kati L Clem, Marketing Coordinator 


“I am thankful for friends and family who love me, my pet cats: Lunetta and Starshine and a comfortable lifestyle. I’m thankful for my creativity and an education that has allowed me to contribute meaningfully and apply my skills to constantly changing purposes. I’m fortunate to have maintained independence through the past several very challenging years. Even though I am quiet natured I’m glad that my inner self is usually resilient enough to be peaceful despite the world’s negativity. I’m thankful that I have the motivation to be a constant learner so that life stays fresh and I can grow every day.”


Tom Jackson, CEO


“I am incredibly blessed.  I am most thankful for God, my family and my country.  And while I could expand on all three of these, I will just take a brief moment to mention our country.  Every day, I have to pause and remember that it is our freedom here in the United States that allows each of us to pursue our dreams and goals.  America allows us to be who we want to be.  I am thankful that our forefathers had wisdom and foresight, and I am thankful for all those who have, and are currently, defending her.


I am also thankful that my 13 year old yellow Labrador retriever “Terra” still wags her tail at me.  She has a hard time getting up and walking but still seems as happy as a puppy!”


Mike Lee, Account Manager


“I am thankful for our clients.  It is truly amazing to work with such great clients and assist them by providing our amazing HVAC controls products. I am thankful for the Jackson family; they have created an exceptional place to work and a great atmosphere.  I truly look forward to work every day!”


Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales


“As I ponder Thanksgiving’s approach, I am reminded of all that I am thankful for.  I am most thankful for what I call my “daily blessings.” Some of my daily blessings are: another day to try my best, my family and friends to love and be loved by, my 125 pound Mastiff’s tail wagging as I awake, my cat’s meow, a great place to work, great people to work with, wonderful clients to help serve, sports to watch, books to read, workouts to complete – and of course, the good health to enjoy them all!   Daily blessings come in many forms – sometimes a stranger’s smile or your own to make them pause, 12 oz. cold bottles work some days but so does a child’s laughter… Turkey dinners or a favorite fast food snack…


Whatever your daily blessings are- remember this –  there is always someone in this world who has it worse and would gladly trade places with you.  Be thankful for what you have and for what you are working towards – including the journey!  Remember to smile – it’s contagious!”

The Joseph Groh Foundation

Meet Matthew Blaylock, the latest grant recipient of the Joseph Groh foundation, an organization Jackson Systems supports each year.


Most of us take for granted the freedom of mobility that our motor vehicles provide us. For many who become disabled however, the one-two punch of loss of income coupled with the cost of specialized transportation is difficult to overcome.


Please take a minute to read Matt’s story and consider how great of a difference a community can make in one person’s life.


We hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


Matt’s Story


After Matt graduated from high school in Leesville, South Carolina, he decided to pursue a career as an electrician. He became a licensed, bonded and insured residential electrician in the state of South Carolina, and has been working in that capacity for the past 13 years. As an electrician, Matt ran wiring for new homes and performed work in pre-existing homes. He completed electrical projects ranging from vacuum systems to alarm systems and home automation. He also was involved in building home theater systems from the ground up. On a hot summer day in 2011, Matt decided to join some friends for an afternoon on the water, having been on a job that morning. He was looking forward to relaxing and cooling off.


When Matt dove into the water, he hit his head on the bottom, breaking his neck at the C-4/C-5 vertebra.


As a result of the accident, Matt is now a quadriplegic. Like most newly paralyzed individuals, Matt had reoccurring issues that caused him to regularly seek medical attention. The accident however had devastated his finances and he had no independent way to get to these appointments. He had to either rent handicapped accessible vehicles or use an ambulance for more severe issues. Living in a rural community east of Columbia, South Carolina made that a difficult and expensive proposition. He needed a vehicle but finances stood in the way.


Matthew’s aunt lives in Frisco, Texas and as it happens, one of the members of her church is a friend of the foundation who introduced him to the Joseph Groh foundation. Handicapped accessible vehicles generally rank high on the list of needed items for newly disabled individuals, but they can also be very expensive. The demand for affordable and reliable transportation is high, so when a suitable vehicle is found action must be taken quickly.


Due to the generosity of supporters, the foundation was able to act quickly when Matt’s parents found the right van.


Following receipt of the vehicle Matt wrote, “My family and I cannot thank you enough for all your help. This was my most pressing need as I have had major difficulties getting to doctor appointments etc. Thank you so much for this van.”


The Joseph S. Groh Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to employees, former employees, family members of employees and former employees of the construction trades industry (plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofing etc.) who have suffered permanent spinal cord injuries or other permanent and life altering disabilities. This charitable organization will not engage in any non exempt activity.


For more information on the Joseph S. Groh Foundation, please visit

ACCA Fall Meetings Bring Contractors New Ideas, Fresh Approaches

ACCA, the nation’s largest organization of indoor environment and energy services contracting businesses, presented two back-to-back contractor events in Austin earlier this month: the first Building Performance Forum and the 5th Annual Service Managers Forum. Total attendance for the two events was the largest ever for ACCA’s fall meetings, with attendance up more than 45% over 2011.


New Building Performance Forum

The Building Performance Forum was held October 9 & 10. Contractors from across the country came to learn about the future of building performance and how to grow this particular service within their companies.


The event started with Nate Kredich of the US Green Building Council sharing how building performance has gained prominence on a world-wide stage and how it can change the way you do business. It wrapped up with a frank and humorous session with Doug Garrett of Building Performance & Comfort. He explained how the market is changing now and over the next 10 years, with growing customer demand for home performance services. In between, contractors chose from 12 different Learning Labs led by contractors and other experts, covering both introductory and advanced topics.


“The 2012 ACCA Building Performance Forum was very eye-opening,” said Mike Tucker, owner of Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating in Gaithersburg, MD. “There was a lot of great information in a short time frame. I believe this is an important step for my company and will help me achieve my company and personal goals.”


“I really liked the way the event was structured with tracks for beginners and more experienced contractors,” added Keith Paton of Ivey Mechanical in Kosciusko, MS. “The presenters were so willing to share the good and the bad stories about their experience and it gave a lot of reassurance that contractors can succeed. It was great to see how to get down the road to be successful.”


Rob Minnick, of Minnick’s in Laurel, MD, said of the forum, “It brought together so many contractors that were willing to ask questions and pick my brain for ideas. The networking was awesome and I’m really looking forward to doing it again next year.”


The event also included a Sponsor Showcase that allowed attendees to learn about new and innovative solutions to challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. “The sponsor showcase was great for us,” said Chris Boaz of Aeroseal. “I had the opportunity to speak with most of the attendees and left with several enthusiastic prospects. I look forward to future opportunities.”


The Building Performance Forum sponsors were: Aeroseal; CallSource; Comfort Institute; ComfortRX;  Emerson; Everblue Training Institute; Federated Insurance; GreenHomes America; Honeywell; Jackson Systems; Mitsubishi; Thermostat Recycling ; Trane; and Ultra-Aire.


Stay tuned for details about the next Building Performance Forum


5th Annual Service Managers Forum

In its fifth year, the Service Managers Forum reached new levels of success, with the highest attendance in history. The day and half event brought contractors from 35 states together to learn and network on October 11 & 12.


The event kicked off with an upbeat and honest look at the different generations in the workplace with popular keynote speaker Bruce Wilkinson. He shared the traits of the different generations and how managers can get the most out of each employee by making small adjustments. There was also a special lunch session on October 11 where Bobby Ring of Meyer & Depew Co. in Kenilworth, NJ, talked about his experience working with NBC this summer on a “sting” operation that aired on the Today Show and Dateline. He showed the full clip from the Dateline airing and discussed with attendees how their companies can avoid being caught in similar situations, and also how they could use the broadcast in their own training programs.


12 Learning Labs covered a variety of leadership and management topics created especially for service leaders, from hiring the right people to motivating your employees, from creating consistent procedures to improving communications, and from maximizing the value of service agreements to implementing new technologies.


“The best part of the event is all the tried and true ideas people share with each other,” said Ken Marshall, service manager at Mark E. Meacham, Inc. in Charlton, MA. “This has been a great event to get me back into the business frame of mind.”


“I really had a good time and learned a lot from everyone I talked to,” said Robbey Moore, co-owner and vice president of Perkins Climate Control in Leesville, LA. “We are a small company and we like the information we get from this event.”


“This was my first Service Managers Forum and I didn’t know what to expect,” added Chase Rampey, service manager at Centex Mechanical, Inc. in Bastrop, TX. “I was recently promoted to service manager and have been wondering how I am going to adapt to my new roll, because it’s both exciting and terrifying. I had never considered asking for help from peers in the industry, but after attending the conference, I see that we are in this together as an industry. Finding people that are so willing to share information with each other helps dial down the ‘terrifying’ aspect of my new position. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I’ll see you guys at the next one.”


The Service Managers Forum also included a Sponsor Showcase where companies showcased products and services to help service managers increase productivity, improve workflow, and take advantage of new opportunities.


“I was very impressed with the open mindedness and support for technician training by ACCA members,” said Barney McClung of Everblue in Huntersville, NC. “I have always believed that the field technician is the key to great customer service and providing good quality training for the field tech demonstrates the commitment ACCA members have to their technicians and their customers.With the positive response we received at the event, we look forward to sponsoring more ACCA events.”


The Service Managers Forum sponsors were: 3M/Filtrete; AC Leak Freeze; Advanced Refrigerant Technologies; CallSource; Comfort Institute;; Data-Basics, Inc.; Davis Business Solutions Inc.; Emerson; Everblue Training Institute; Honeywell; Jackson Systems; Mitsubishi; Mobi; NATE; Nextraq; Service  Automation; Thermostat Recycling; and Trane.


Learn more about this year’s event and get details about the 6th Annual Service Managers Forum at


The ACCA is a non-profit association serving more than 60,000 professionals and 4,000 businesses in the HVACR community, who work together to promote professional contracting, energy efficiency, and healthy, comfortable indoor environments for all Americans. For more information, visit


The Best Indiana HVAC Wholesalers

Jackson Systems is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence that contractors can depend on. We are proud to be a family business with strong ties to our Indianapolis community. Never ones to shy away from competition, we decided to build on our community appreciation by sharing a list of the best Indiana HVAC wholesalers we are proud to call colleagues in our local community.


Here are three regional HVAC wholesalers that do a great job in Indiana:


Lee Supply Company


We like Lee Supply because they are locally owned and operated, plus they do both HVAC and plumbing.  Their people are friendly and they are active in the community.


Koch Air


Headquartered in Evansville, Koch Air is the fourth oldest Carrier distributor in the country and are a multi-state operation.  What I like about Koch Air is how closely they work with their HVAC contractor clients.  They build strong relationships that are hard for competition to break.  They are good at marketing to the contractor as well.


Duncan Supply


Duncan Supply is headquartered in Indianapolis, but also has locations throughout Indiana and Illinois.  They are the number one wholesaler when it comes to commercial refrigeration.  They are known for their incredible technical support.



This list represents some best Indiana HVAC wholesalers. If you are looking for solutions that Jackson Systems does not offer, you won’t go wrong with one of these three.







Jackson Systems Offers Live Streaming Training

Twice a month we invite contractors to join us at our Indianapolis location for no cost training sessions. We are excited to share that we are now offering our training via a live online stream to accommodate contractors outside of the Indianapolis area.


Each training is designed to introduce you to new products and give you the tools and knowledge you need to master it. We want you to leave our training with confidence, knowing you can offer a new product to a client without worrying if you can install it correctly. Trying something for the first time can be daunting, and with a busy life sometimes it is easier to stick to what you know. When it comes to business, however, embracing the new is necessary to stay in the game.  We think our live streaming training is the perfect solution to balancing your busy life and educating yourself on new products so you can stay relevant.


Check out our events page to see a listing of our upcoming training dates and the products we will be discussing. Next up is White Rogers training so sign up today to attend in person or online.


How it works


The online training is hosted through GoToMeeting, which is a simple, user friendly format. For your first training session, you will need to “arrive” or log in early to download the system software, which only takes a few minutes.


What to expect


We use a high end web cam to stream the live training session so you don’t miss a beat. When the training goes from the hands on, step-by-step walk through training that you need to see to follow, we switch the screen to a presentation of information on the subject.   Throughout the presentation there is a live chat option to get any questions you have addressed. The presentation ends with a Question and Answer session so you can hear questions from other contractors.


The next training is this Thursday at 5 pm eastern time. If you can’t make it, don’t sweat. We will offer all of the training sessions on our website for you to access whenever you need them.



ACCA Member, Randy Weber, Elected to Congress

ACCA member Randy Weber of Pearland, TX, was elected to Congress this week. Weber will represent the 14th Congressional District after beating former Congressman Nick Lampson in the race to succeed retiring Republican Ron Paul.


Congressman-elect Weber tallied nearly 54% of the vote  in one of the most watched races nationwide. While the recently redrawn district may lean Republican, Weber had to overcome an opponent who enjoyed a decided name recognition and fundraising advantage.


“This is a significant milestone for ACCA and small business HVACR contractors,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president & CEO. “It doesn’t matter where you live – even if you’re far away from Randy’s district – electing an ACCA member to Congress means one of our own has a voice in every debate in the U.S. House of Representatives. Special recognition goes to all those ACCA members who helped get Randy Weber elected. ACCA-PAC, the only political action committee funded with the voluntary contributions of HVACR contractors, supported him and other pro-small businesses candidates.”


When he comes to Washington in January, Randy Weber will join an expanding “HVAC & Plumbing Contractor Caucus” in Congress. In Oklahoma, Republican plumbing contractor Markwayne Mullin was elected to Congress from the 2nd Congressional District, earning just over 57% of the vote. And in Florida, incumbent Republican Daniel Webster of Orlando, whose family HVAC business featured prominently in his campaign, was reelected by a 52-48 margin over Democratic challenger Val Demings.


Global A/C Growth Predicted

A new study released by the firm Companies and Markets estimates the global air conditioning market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.5 percent through 2015. This is a good sign for the growing U.S. HVAC market, which staged a remarkable recovery in 2010 after the temporary stall in industry growth resulting from the economic recession.


The report cited the key factors contributing to growth include the increased need for energy-efficient air conditioners and the development of inverter-based air conditioners. Another major factor that will affect the U.S. market in the coming years is the growing need for system replacements. There is already a rise in demand for replacing old air conditioning systems with new energy-efficient models, a trend which is expected to grow with the increased focus on energy conservation. Another trend shifting the industry is the decrease of overall price for air conditioners that is a result of the increase in competition among vendors.
For more information on the global air conditioning market study, visit

The William Penn IPS #49 Christmas Story

Jackson Systems would like to share with you the story of William Penn Elementary IPS School #49, the least privileged of all IPS schools. At School #49 every teacher is invested in their students. They have to be, because they are the voice for those children. Many of School #49’s students are homeless, and many others live in foster care or group homes. Each year, the school has to report numerous cases of neglect, a chore that is truly heartbreaking.


William Penn administrators know that they have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their students. They care for their students greatly and strive to help them overcome their many barriers. Below are just a few services School #49 does to help these less fortunate children.


 100% free breakfast and lunch

 English as a second language (48% of students are from non-English speaking families)

 Homework assistance (many students have parents who are illiterate)

 Social workers find Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance for many of the students

 The Mary Riggs food pantry and Second Helpings provide dinner to many of the students’ families

 Teachers sell nuts to buy school uniforms

 Utility bill assistance

 Midtown Mental Health has an office at School #49 to help students cope with everyday stress and living


Each year in December, Jackson Systems provides two classrooms with winter gloves, books, school supplies, fruit, stickers, candy and a classroom party. The kids love the fruit as they never have it at home and many have never even owned a pair of gloves. The children choose their own book, and for many, it becomes the first book they have ever owned. We then play games and provide juice boxes and a Christmas snack for the class. The grand finale is a snowball fight! Before the party, our staff makes snowballs out of white hosiery and quilt batting. The kids love it and it warms our hearts to be a part of their joy. Additionally, the two teachers are given a piece of technology (computer projector aka “Elmo”) to aid in the teaching process.


We have decided to take this program to the next level. Instead of only doing two classrooms, we are going to host a holiday party for the entire school this year. Our projected cost for the party is approximately $6,000. In addition, we would like to provide an “Elmo” brand visual aid projector to each grade level (K-6) at William Penn. Each Elmo projector costs approximately $900. The grand total of the entire project is $15,000.


Along with the financial commitment, a lot of work goes into preparing and giving the party. So we would be grateful for any volunteer time you could offer as well. We would welcome approximately 3 hours of time either helping in advance of the party or the actual day of the party.


Although there are assistance programs in place at William Penn, the school and its students are far from having the things they truly need to be successful. Jackson Systems is asking for your help in making this year’s Christmas tradition even more bountiful, rewarding, and memorable.


William Penn Elementary #49 is not just a school. It is home for many of its students. William Penn’s teachers do more than teach. They love their students and hope you will too. This is a big undertaking. It is our hope you will be able to assist us. Any donation of time or money is greatly appreciated.


Please contact Terry McConahay or call 317.788.6800 to share your support.