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Meet Mark Nash

Mark Nash is an Account Manager at Jackson Systems. You can go to him for any questions you have about purchasing products from Jackson Systems.  Mark is not your average HVAC Account Manager, and the following interview will shed some light on what makes Mark so exceptional.


When did you start working at Jackson Systems?


I started working at Jackson Systems in July of 2009. I began working in the HVAC industry in 2001, when I worked at ES Monitrol in St. Petersburg, FL programming thermostats and modifying circuit boards on an as needed basis.


What is the best thing about working at Jackson Systems?


The best thing about working at Jackson Systems is the family-oriented atmosphere.


What do you love most about the HVAC industry?


The best thing about this industry in that it is thriving. The technology is always evolving and there is something new to learn every day, making it an exciting industry to be a part of.


What do you do outside of work?


Outside of Jackson Systems, I work as a professional actor. I am a SAG-AFTRA union member so I travel all over the United States. I’ve been acting professionally for 16 years, starting in Tampa Bay, FL then Los Angeles before finally moving to the midwest. My last project was a Hollywood movie production that was shot in Goshen, Indiana called Sand Castles, which just wrapped up production last week. The release date is to be determined, but will hopefully come out the summer of 2013.  I have worked in film, television, commercials and theatre and teach acting classes at the Indy Actors Academy in Greenwood, Indiana.


What is your motto?


Never give up.


Check out Mark’s impressive list of acting projects by visiting

ecobee EMS App is now available to download for free on the Android Market!

The new EMS App was developed in partnership with you, our commercial customers who range from HVAC contractors and distributors, to facility managers and business owners. The EMS App was created to provide you with a simple and easy way to monitor and control all of your EMS and EMS Si thermostats while on the go.

With the ecobee EMS App, you can be more responsive to your tenants, employees and customers, address problems quickly, decrease the number of expensive on-site service calls and increase your overall efficiency.


Some exciting features of the EMS App we think you will enjoy include:


Watch List – you can create a custom watch list of thermostats to quickly keep tabs on priority spaces and locations with repeat issues.


Alerts List – conveniently summarizes all current issues and maintenance actions, allowing you to address problems immediately.


Access On the Go – you will gain remote visibility into each of your ecobee EMS/EMS Si thermostats and have the ability to make simple adjustments.


We will be sure to notify you the minute the iPhone and BlackBerry Apps are available for download.

The Receptionist’s Vital Role by Steve Coscia

I have found writing is a pleasant and therapeutic way of working out my ideas and clarifying my business strategies. I appreciate many of the kind reader’s remarks about these articles. As I age, one of the recent changes which I have had to endure is a degenerative case of carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. This condition was exacerbated after handwriting the same sentence on numerous postcards for marketing purposes.


I spoke with my general practitioner regarding available options in an attempt to circumvent surgery. He first suggested that I undergo an electromyography (EMG) to determine the severity of any muscle and nerve deterioration. This seemed to me like good advice and I agreed to the EMG procedure. Accordingly, I made an appointment for an EMG with a local Hand Clinic.

I arrived a few minutes early for the appointment which is my habit and soon experienced the worst office reception I have ever endured. I noticed at once upon entering the reception area of the Hand Clinic that the receptionist was busy with another patient. I introduced myself to the receptionist once my turn finally came. She immediately overwhelmed me with a barrage of questions without so much as a smile, a greeting, or a welcome. Her questions were, Are you here for physical therapy? followed without delay by Do you need X-rays? My response to this onslaught was jaw- dropping disbelief. Perhaps my stunned facial expression motivated her to ask a more pertinent question, namely Are you a new patient? My affirmative response to that question along with my confirmation of an appointment provoked her into recovery mode.

It is my belief that the best question to ask upon an initial encounter is How may I help you? but this tactic was absent from her repertoire. All organizations would do well to make it standard operating procedure for their receptionists to meet clients with a smile, a polite greeting, and an invitation to help. The verbal and non- verbal behavior of a receptionist speaks loudly about an organization.


There are three easy ways
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Steve Coscia works with companies who are committed to world-class customer service. His videos, books and audio programs have helped thousands of professionals.

Contact him at

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UT32 Titan Touchscreen Thermostat

In an age where the needs and priorities of home and building owners vary it can be difficult for contractors to deliver exactly what their client needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to thermostat that contractors can pick and choose which features fit the needs and priorities of their clients, nothing less and nothing more?


If you pay for cable, you’ve likely thought, “I wish I could pay for the channels I actually watch instead of paying this huge amount for channels I have no interest in.” It would make much more sense for the cable consumer if they could order the basic cable package and then add on the channels they need ala cart. The Comfort System T-32-TS is the thermostat equivalent to the ala cart cable package we wish was an option and luckily for HVAC contractors, the T-32-TS is an option.


The Comfort System T-32-TS is a universal, low-cost touch screen thermostat available exclusively from Jackson Systems that is poised and ready to become the go-to thermostat that contractors can rely on to give their clients exactly what they need at a price point that fits any budget. The T-32-TS can be battery powered or hardwired which makes it ideally suited for use in residential and light commercial applications.


The T-32-TS is available in manual or auto changeover, making it a great fit for any part of the country. Manual changeover will allow a homeowner to change their system from heat to the cool mode with a simple switch of a button. This works great in regions where either heating or cooling is required for only a few months out of the year. Auto changeover means that the thermostat will automatically switch itself from heating to cooling based on the desired setpoint. Auto changeover thermostats are typically found in commercial buildings and large residences.

The thermostat is also available in either programmable or non-programmable. Programmable thermostats are great for home and building owners who are interested in energy savings. The energy savings comes from the ability to program the home or building to be set at different temperatures throughout the day automatically. If no one is home during the day, the thermostat can be set to a temperature that allows the furnace or air conditioner to run less. For home or building owners who think programmable thermostats are too complicated, this model is available as a non-programmable thermostat, making it much simpler to set up and use.

Additional features include:

•  Up to 3H/2C, gas/electric, heat pump or dual fuel

•  Keyboard lockout

•  Adaptive recovery

•  Adjustable heating and cooling setpoint limits

•  Outdoor temperature display (with optional outdoor sensor)

•  Temperature averaging (with optional indoor sensor)

•  Short cycle protection


•  Profitable universal touchscreen thermostat

•  High operating temperature makes it ideal for hot yoga rooms

•  Versatility with programmable or non-programmable in a single thermostat

Mercury Thermostat Collection Regulations on the Rise

California is taking major steps to increase the collection and recycling of thermostats containing mercury. The NEWS published an article announcing that The California Department of Toxic Substances Control has proposed regulations that establish performance goals for collecting and recycling mercury thermostats. This sets the stage for other states to propose similar regulations for proper disposal of mercury thermostats in order to keep mercury out of the water supply.


The proposed regulations would require manufactures to collect and recycle over 65,000 mercury-containing thermostats in 2013 which is 30 percent of the estimated total number of mercury thermostats becoming waste. These goals would increase each year until 2017, in order to reach the final goal of a 75 percent collection and recycling rate.


The proposed regulations would require manufacturers who formerly sold mercury thermostats to meet these recycling goals either through participation in the Thermostat Recycling Corporation or an independently sponsored program.


Jackson Systems is committed to helping contractors and homeowners dispose of old mercury thermostats properly and has a thermostat collection program that makes it easy for contractors and homeowners to properly dispose of thermostats containing mercury. Find out how the program by clicking here.

Read the complete article in The NEWS by clicking here.  

The Best Wireless Thermostat: Reviews of the Top 3 Contenders

At Jackson Systems, we are all about making life easier for contractors. We figured it would be helpful to provide a quick overview of the 3 best wireless thermostats including what each of them offers and when they might be a good fit. All three of these models are easy to use and easy to install.


Jackson Systems WCT-32


This thermostat has a very small footprint (meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of space) for the control module which is only about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. This makes it very easy to mount the control module anywhere near or on the HVAC equipment, making this model a great option for times when space is limited.


This model can have up to 256 wireless thermostats at one location without any chance for cross communication. This is by far more than any other model on the market can offer at one location, making it a great fit for schools, hospitals, nursing homes or any place that has a large number of HVAC systems that need to be controlled wirelessly.


Another great feature is that the control module has an LED display that shows what the control module is doing from a standpoint of what calls are taking place, making it easy for the homeowner and contractor to know if the thermostat is working correctly with control module. It also features the ability to adjust temperature differential between stages, enabling flexibility so that a contractor can tweak the thermostat for specific applications.


The WCT-32 is the most economical wireless thermostat on the market and works as well as any other wireless thermostat, making it a great fit for any job.


Honeywell Wireless Focus Pro


This thermostat has a wide range of models that make it possible to get exactly what you are looking for. This is a good fit for those looking to add accessories such as the portable comfort controller. This controller looks like a TV remote and enables the homeowner to control the thermostat from any room in the house.


It also features a wireless outdoor sensor which monitors the outdoor air temp enabling you to set a low balance point for the purpose of the heat pump application.


The price depends on the configurations you opt for and will vary depending on what accessories you include. There are nine different kits to choose from.


White Rogers 90 Series


This thermostat offers an optional wireless sensor that can be configured for an indoor or outdoor sensor. It is the only model of out of the three that offers this feature. It also has a remote indoor sensor that allows you to take a reading from three different locations and average the temperature of the whole house rather than reading the temp in one location, such as a hallway.


It is also the only wireless thermostat on the market that has the optional choice of duel fuel control with wireless temperature sensors or duel fuel logic programmed in the thermostat. This allows for a low balance point to help heat pumps operate more efficiently when it gets 30 degrees or below. This feature will automatically turn off the heat pump and turn on auxiliary heat.


It is the only wireless thermostat of the three that has humidifier and dehumidifier control. The user sets the level they want to maintain and the thermostat will automatically adjust to maintain that level.
This is the most expensive of the three wireless thermostats, so it is a good option if the features are relevant to the needs of the home.



Bypass Damper vs. Barometric Zone Damper

Bypass dampers are used in zoning applications to relieve excess system pressure caused when a small or single zone is making a heat or cool call. Excess pressure can occur when not all of the dampers are open. This excess pressure must go somewhere, which is why installing a bypass damper is necessary. It enables the excess pressure to be redirected back into the air system and re-circulated through the system.


There is no doubt that a zoning system requires a mechanism to relieve the built-up pressure. Until recently, installing a bypass damper was the only option available to do this.  While zoning is a great concept for increasing the comfort provided by an HVAC system, installing a bypass damper can present challenges such as no room for the installation, extra labor and materials required, and even decreased system efficiency. 


Ron Jackson, President of Jackson Systems and HVAC inventor and innovator, is all too familiar with the headaches contractors associate with installing bypass dampers. He wanted to figure out an easy to use solution to zoning applications.  As happens with many great inventors, Ron was awakened at 3AM. He said aloud, “Man, have I got an idea for a product that could change the zoning industry.” And the BZD was born.


The BZD damper works like any standard damper with one exception – it has a built-in barometric relief mechanism that eliminates the need for a bypass damper. Tests indicate that most systems can handle up to double the rated cfm through the registers before noise becomes a problem. Unlike a standard zone damper, the BZD has been designed with both a fixed and a hinged blade and is controlled by an actuator. The lower half of the blade then functions as a barometric pressure relief for the system. The Barometric Zone Damper will allow the barometric half of the closed zone damper to open if the static pressure reaches the preset setting and bleed a small amount of air into the zones that are not calling, keeping the system static pressure at an acceptable level. Tests also indicate that bleeding a small amount of conditioned air to the zone(s) that are not calling has little impact on the temperature in the zone(s) because in most cases they are above or below setpoint, so the zone(s) can absorb the additional conditioned air. The BZD damper is factory-set and should not need any adjustments.


The BZD is a contractor-friendly solution to the typical zoning installation problems. It works as well as a standard bypass damper, but cuts down on the labor and time, not to mention headaches. While bypass dampers are reliable options when there is room available for installing one, a BZD is a great solution when you run into problems installing a standard bypass damper. The next time this happens, you may find that the BZD is the perfect solution to ease your zoning installations. For more information on how the BZD works, click here.


How to Sell Zoning

Zoning provides a level of comfort most home owners don’t think is possible. Why don’t they think it is possible? The answer is simple: most homeowners don’t know that zoning exists. Zoning makes sense in almost every home so it is a great service to start selling if you haven’t already.


Start the conversation


The first thing to do is to simply ask the homeowner: Are there hot and cold spots in your house?  Are there spots where you are less comfortable than others? This usually resonates with the homeowner. Oftentimes we hear things like, “I just spent $400,000 on a house and now my upstairs is hotter than the downstairs.”


Now that you have identified a pain, you can explain that there is a solution.


Use an analogy


We recommend relating zoning to something that homeowners can grasp quickly, such as a light switch or car analogy.


The light switch analogy


Ask the homeowner to show you the light switch that controls all the lights in their house, they will most likely look at you like you are crazy. That’s when you can say, “Oh that’s right you don’t have one light switch to control all the lights in your house because it would be silly to turn all the lights on when you are only in one room at a time.” Then explain that zoning works the same way. It gives them the option to control the temperature in the part of the house they are in.  


Now they can easily understand that just like it makes sense to have multiple switches, it makes sense to have multiple thermostats in a home. Why would you need cool a bedroom during the day or living area at night?


The automobile analogy


Most people have been in a car that has dual climate control, meaning the driver can control the temperature where they sit, while the passengers can control the temperature where they sit.


Explain how dual climate control is the same thing as zone control. If their $30,000 car has zone control, wouldn’t it make sense for their home to have the same capabilities?


Honeywell did a third a party survey that found that about 33 percent of homeowners said they would install zoning if they were asked, because most of them reported that they didn’t know it existed. The moral of the story? Never assume a client knows what solutions are available. It is always a good idea to ask. That way, they will know that the solution exists even if they aren’t ready to buy it. And when they are, they will likely call you.


Virtual Event Goes Down in Company History

We recently held a virtual sales event. The goal of the event was to promote our latest brainchild: the Barometric Zone Damper (BZD), which is an easier to install alternative to standard HVAC bypass damper. A virtual sales event is unusual to the HVAC industry so we figured it would be a good way to get the attention of HVAC industry leaders. Turns out we were right. The leading HVAC industry publication The NEWS took notice and covered the event with an article that was released today:



Click here to read the full article and find out:


  • How we got the word out
  • How the main event went down
  • What the results were


Bring the Heat 2012

Jackson Systems is joining The Heating and Air Conditioning Alliance of Indiana and its members by volunteering resources to provide heating assistance in Marion County. The program is designed to ensure that homeowners on fixed incomes have adequate and safe heating in their homes this winter.  This year volunteers will be completing over 60 furnace clean-and-checks in just a few short hours on Saturday, October 6, 2012. This is the eighth year for this program and Jackson Systems is proud to have been a part of this important initiative since the very beginning.


Who will benefit from Bring the Heat on Saturday, October 6, 2012?


 1)   Homeowners in the city of Indianapolis who are on fixed incomes and who could not otherwise afford to have their heating systems cleaned and checked.


 2)   Homeowners in Marion County who are pre-screened through certain adult service agencies who are on fixed incomes and who do not have other financial resources.  The work will consist of clean and checks on furnaces and if necessary repairing broken furnaces.


 3)  Not-For-Profit agencies in Marion County who service elderly and less fortunate people within Marion County.


Four Jackson Systems employees are donating their time and skills to help beat the heat. Work will include preventative maintenance and repairs on heating systems that are scheduled in advance of Saturday, October 6, 2012. 

4 Steps to Reduce HVAC Energy Use

The hottest months of the year may be over, but those energy bills are proof that cooling your home is a major expense. Let your summer power bills serve as a motivating reminder to follow some simple steps to reduce your energy consumption next summer. Be a hero to your customers by sharing these great tips. 



Daikin Industries Ltd. released the results of testing conducted by a research group that aimed to uncover ways to reduce HVAC energy use. The study found that there are some simple steps that homeowners can take to reduce the power consumed by air conditioners by 15%.


The 4 steps include:


1. Cleaning or changing air filters

2. Improving air flow around the outdoor air conditioner unit

3. Closing curtains to block out sunlight

4. Raising your thermostat by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit


It’s amazing how small changes can make a significant difference in how much energy you consume (and pay for). The savings would undoubtedly outweigh the cost of closing a blind and making sure your outdoor air unit has plenty of space around it to keep air moving easily. Want more information? Read the whole story here: