Month: October 2012

Meet Mark Nash

Mark Nash is an Account Manager at Jackson Systems. You can go to him for any questions you have about purchasing products from Jackson Systems.  Mark is not your average HVAC Account Manager, and the following interview will shed some light on what makes Mark so exceptional.   When did you start working at Jackson […]

UT32 Titan Touchscreen Thermostat

In an age where the needs and priorities of home and building owners vary it can be difficult for contractors to deliver exactly what their client needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to thermostat that contractors can pick and choose which features fit the needs and priorities of their clients, nothing less and […]

Mercury Thermostat Collection Regulations on the Rise

California is taking major steps to increase the collection and recycling of thermostats containing mercury. The NEWS published an article announcing that The California Department of Toxic Substances Control has proposed regulations that establish performance goals for collecting and recycling mercury thermostats. This sets the stage for other states to propose similar regulations for proper […]

How to Sell Zoning

Zoning provides a level of comfort most home owners don’t think is possible. Why don’t they think it is possible? The answer is simple: most homeowners don’t know that zoning exists. Zoning makes sense in almost every home so it is a great service to start selling if you haven’t already.   Start the conversation […]

Bring the Heat 2012

Jackson Systems is joining The Heating and Air Conditioning Alliance of Indiana and its members by volunteering resources to provide heating assistance in Marion County. The program is designed to ensure that homeowners on fixed incomes have adequate and safe heating in their homes this winter.  This year volunteers will be completing over 60 furnace […]