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HVAC Smart Home Technology on the Rise

Last week, the NEWS enlisted Tom Jackson’s industry expertise to join a panel discussion on the rising use of smart home technology and its affect on the HVAC industry. Smart home technology to control a home’s climate remotely has been on the market for years, but increasingly popular use of smart mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, is driving the rising trend.   Homeowners can control temperature, humidity and energy consumption in their homes from anywhere at any time of day. Although Wi-Fi thermostats and controls currently represent less than 5 percent of the market, that percentage is expected to grow to 50 percent by 2015.   


A new product called the Nest Learning Thermostat is adding to the buzz of wireless home controls. Developed by former Apple engineers, Nest is being marketed direct to consumers. The Nest Learning Thermostat  has the ability to monitor from the internet, learn a homeowner’s schedule and use that information to program itself.


Homeowners are increasingly calling on HVAC contractors to deliver in the home automation market. The current customer base is largely homeowners who have more than one residence and want the ability to control their vacation home from their prime residence and vice versa. It won’t be long till the demand reaches the mainstream HVAC market.


We are on board with the rising trend. Our WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System controls up to 1000 thermostats through internet access while tracking energy usage that can be used to create a custom schedule.   


The WCT-32™ Wireless Comfort™ communicates via an RF wireless data link to a relay control module located near the HVAC equipment. 


Our T-32-P™ universal thermostat is compatible most residential HVAC systems and provides web-based remote access when used in conjunction with the Comfort Systems™ zoning systems.

 Check out a complete listing of our wireless and web-based solutions and get ready for the next big thing in HVAC. 

Jackson Systems 2012 Fall/Winter Training Schedule

Jackson Systems has released their training schedule for the fall/winter of 2012.  All of the training classes will take place on a Thursday at Jackson Systems in their training room from 5:00pm-7:00pm



To RSVP for a class: visit Registration links will be posted 3 weeks prior to class date.



1)     BZD- Barometric Zone Damper

New Z-201 and Z-301 zone panels

Thursday October 4th

Class taught by Ron, Phil, Kurt of Jackson Systems


2)     Honeywell training-Products TBA

Thursday October 25th

Class taught by Tom Giorgio of Honeywell


3)     White Rodgers thermostat training

Thursday November 8th

Class taught by Joe Trimbach of White Rodgers


4)     Smoke Detectors

Thursday December 6th           

Class taught by Mark Falkiewicz of Air Products and Controls


5)     Ecobee new Smart SI thermostat

Thursday December 20th

Class taught by Jay Kress of Ecobee


6)     VCS-Ventilation Control System

New T-32-TS Thermostat

Thursday January 10th

Class taught by Phil and Kurt of Jackson Systems

No-Cost Contractor Sales and Marketing Training Resource Announced

After a dozen years, over 300 issues and thousands of tips sent to tens of thousands of subscribers, the Sales&Marketing Insider has reached a new level.


The original ezine was born as a “fax only” marketing tip sheet published in 2000 by Hudson, Ink to about 40 contractors. Since then, the format has continued to develop, and today, SMI (as it’s informally known) is distributed to nearly 10,000 contractors every other Wednesday.


Yet it has just been completely overhauled into a “Training Resource” that includes no-cost videos, plus “Coaching On-Call” downloads that include workbooks to train contractors on such subjects as sales, marketing, management and financials from a variety of experts.


Regular features now include:


– 4 Minute Marketer Videos – True to their name, these offer rapid-fire strategies and insider information to aid contractors seeking quick, video tips and training.


– Panel of Experts – SMI will now include training from consultants around the country who advise on the hot trends in web marketing, social media, sales, customer service, publicity and more. It’s like having a $5,000 a day (or more!) consultant in your inbox.


– Online e-Courses – Get separate e-courses that ‘walk you through’ specific sales or marketing challenges, right in your inbox!


– Think-Tank Video Training – These are longer, multi-part videos that delve deeper into contractor marketing and sales challenges, showing “How It’s Done.”

“We’re very excited about the new benefits and are confident that contractors will enjoy getting this training right in their inbox at absolutely no cost,” says Adams Hudson, President of Hudson, Ink. “This economy means that many contractors and consultants need a new and better way to connect. I believe the new Sales&Marketing Insider gives subscribers a lead-generating, sales-closing gold mine.”


See why nearly 10,000 contractors have already subscribed in this short video.

HVAC Business Boot Camp

Sponsored by Jackson Systems, Operation: Build Your Business is 2 action packed days of education, information, training and collaboration for HVAC contractors who want to take it to the next level. You will get an inside, confidential look at one of the Midwest’s most successful HVAC companies. Bring your whole team and prepare to grow your HVAC business.


Small business consultant, Greg McAfee, is leading the event at his state-of-the-art Sales and Training Facilities in Centerville, OH on October 2 and 3, 2012. You’ll get the behind-the-scenes tour of Greg’s laboratory. You will see how his systems work, such as scheduling calls, guaranteeing arrival times, and how his team works on a typical day.


Interactive training and lectures in comfortable surroundings that make it easy to focus and absorb the lessons that McAfee has to offer.


What will you take away from this?


  • -Learn about your business culture and how to improve it or change it for the purpose of attracting key team members and your kind of customers.
  • -Learn and apply branding tips that will make your HVAC company name as well known as “Kleenex” in your market area.
  • -Find out why you don’t need to grow by acquisition! Grow by taking on more market share…instead of other people’s problems…and attract more new customers to your business than ever before.


For more information about the event watch the video.


Space is limited, so RESERVE NOW.

Ecobee Thermostat and Remote Sensor for Monitoring

Ecobee thermostats have the capability of adding a Remote Sensor Module (RSM) that enables you to connect up to 4 remote sensors to your ecobee smart thermostat (EB-STAT-02). The RSM is pre-configured to support the following sensors:


Honeywell C7189U indoor sensor and C7089U outdoor sensor

Tekmar D076 indoor sensor and D079 slab sensor

Johnson Controls HT-6703 humidity sensor


Other temperature sensors can be supported by just entering the B value or the resistance reported by the sensor at 70°F during the configuration process.


Many contractors are using the EB-STAT-02, the RSM, and a remote sensor to monitor the temperature of the loop water in their ground source heat pump.  Knowing the water temperature in the heat pump loop can help during troubleshooting on service calls.  Also the ecobbe stat can be configured to send out an alert message if the water temperature gets outside of a pre-set temperature range.


One possible sensor a contractor can use for this application that is available from Jackson Systems is an ACI A/AN-BP sensor (picture below).  This sensor is 10K ohm at 77°F Type III bullet probe.  The probe can be mounted to the water loop and wrapped with insulation tape.  The combination of monitoring and charting the loop water temperature and the alert messages from the ecobee thermostat is a win-win situation for the contractor and the homeowner.

Myth: Ordering Printed Thermostats Takes Too Long


It is a common misconception that ordering printed thermostats takes too long and will slow down job completion. The truth is ordering thermostats with your logo and contact information is as quick as ordering it without.


Thermostat imprinting gets your company logo, name and phone number professionally printed on the thermostat. We do not use a label; we use the same stamping technology that is used to apply the manufacturer’s name. The results are first class, attractive, and cannot be peeled or wiped off. An average home is sold every three years. Imprinting is your best bet to insure the new homeowners call YOU for service.


How it works:


  • -We can imprint any brand of thermostat we sell.
  • -Thermostats are imprinted at our location.
  • -Ink color is an elegant grey to match the manufacturer’s printing.
  • -Company logos can be printed in addition to your name and phone number.
  • -The printable area of most thermostats is 5/8” high and 1 ½” wide. ½” high and 1” wide for smaller imprint area thermostats.
  • -Your first order will take approximately 2 – 3 days. Reorders are shipped in 1 day.


Jackson Systems offers free imprinting with an order of 12 total thermostats and a minimum of 6 thermostats per style. There are no set up or art charges and all orders ship for free. We can imprint any thermostat we sell. Since the imprinting is in-house, we imprint the same day the order is placed. You simply email your logo in a pdf format, along with your company contact information. We will send you the proof the same day for your approval.


Don’t miss out on the chance to get repeat business with a free logo imprinting on all the thermostats you install.


Click here to get started.

Filter Fetch: Making Filters Easy and Profitable for Contractors

Filter Fetch™ is a program that puts contractors back in the air filter business and keeps them there. Through Filter Fetch™, contractors will generate revenue from homeowner filter purchases without the hassle of stocking 2500+ types of easily damaged filters.


Supplying filters can be a hassle for the HVAC contractor. Since filters are easily damaged on the truck, it is unreasonable to expect a contractor to have the right filter and the right size when it is needed. FilterFetch™ is a profitable solution to the hassle of filters.


FilterFetch™ is a free program for contractors. It eliminates the need to have the filters on the truck and to keep an inventory of filters. Here is how it works:


– The contractor signs up for FilterFetch™ on the Jackson Systems website.

– The contractor customizes their Filter Fetch™ account to fit their business needs. Through the online dashboard, contractors can track monthly commissions, control filter pricing, and track technician sales to give incentives.

– The contractor is assigned an individual code.

– Jackson Systems provides the contractor with stickers that can be placed on a clients HVAC unit.

– The contractor will write their contractor code along with the code for the specific filter needed for the unit.

– When the filter needs to be replaced, the homeowner logs onto their contractors personal Filter Fetch™ webpage and insert the filter code.

–  The filter will be sent directly to the homeowner for the homeowner to replace.


In addition to eliminating the hassle of keeping an inventory of filters, Filter Fetch™ makes filter replacement profitable for contractors. Every time a homeowner orders a filter through FilterFetch™, the contractor receives a commission based on the mark up that they set for the price of the filter. Using the service benefits the homeowner as well because the price of the filter is cheaper than buying it from a retailer and more convenient because the filter comes directly to their door and they don’t have to go searching for the correct size every time they need to change a filter.


Filter Fetch™ also helps promote the contractor’s business with email filter change reminders having your logo. The Filter Fetch™ program enables the contractor to keep the relationship with the homeowner ongoing and profitable.


Start using Filter Fetch™ and sign up today.


Remember, if you have any questions today or in the future, Jackson Systems has customer support available from 8-5.

Myth: Ordering from Jackson Systems is Inconvenient

We like to do things differently at Jackson Systems. As a leading direct-to-contractor zone control manufacturer and distributer, ordering from us means cutting out the middle man. We understand that contractors who have never worked with us may think that ordering from us is inconvenient since we operate out of one location. We would like to clear up the confusion because our ordering process is as convenient as it gets.


We sell direct to contractors, which we think is a very powerful statement. This means that when you call Jackson Systems, you will always reach one of our inside sales engineers and you won’t have to wait 15 minutes to speak to them. You will never get an automated attendant or have to speak to a receptionist. If you don’t like using the phone, you can email us or use our online support through our live chat option. We have a full ecommerce site that enables you to set up an account and order through us online. You will only have to set up an account one time and the process is easy enough that it only takes about five minutes to complete. The point is, we will work with you in whatever way works best for you.


All of our orders are shipped the same day which means your job won’t get stuck in processing. You will get what you need much faster than ordering it through a wholesaler. You also won’t have to pay for shipping, because we cover the cost of freight.


When you order from us, you will have the added benefit of unmatched technical support. Just like our options for ordering, you get support through phone, email, fax or online chat. Our support is quick and ready to help you whenever you are onsite and need answers. You can even call and speak to our inventor, Ron Jackson, who is onsite.


Set up an account today and start making your life easier.

Thermostat Installation for Geothermal Made Easy

Jackson Systems GEO-200™ radiant floor heat interface panel is designed to control a geothermal radiant floor heating system and a forced air geothermal system from a single room thermostat. This makes it possible for a contractor to spend less time wiring units to the thermostat, eliminating the frustration with a simple, inexpensive panel. The panel also simplifies the servicing of a system and gives a clean, professional look to the installation.


Heating Mode

The GEO-200™ interface panel is designed to control a radiant floor heating system and a forced air heat pump from a 3 stage heat / 2 stage cool thermostat. On a call for first stage heat, the panel will energize the radiant floor pump or valve by closing a set of dry contacts. The fan will also be brought on at the same time. The contacts are labeled ‘FL’ on the panel terminal strip. On a call for second stage heat, the panel will energize the first stage heat pump compressor. On a call for third stage heat, the panel will bring on the electric auxiliary heat. If the unit has a second stage compressor, it will not be used during the heat mode.

Cooling Mode

On a call for first stage cooling, the panel will energize the first stage heat pump compressor and fan. On a call for second stage cooling, the panel will energize the second stage compressor. The GEO-200™ is for heat pumps that energize the reversing valve on a call for cooling.




Installation is easy and only takes a few steps. To give you an idea of just how simple installing is, the installation process is below:


1. Slide the PC board out of its base and screw the base to a flat surface in a location that allows easy access to wiring.

2. Re-install the PC board by carefully centering it over the base and snapping it into the track grooves.

3. Wire the heat pump thermostat to the terminals marked ‘HEAT PUMP THERMOSTAT’, then wire the radiant floor heating valve, pump or relay to the ‘FL’ terminals.

4. Wire the forced air heat pump to the ‘FORCED AIR HEAT PUMP UNIT’ terminals.


You can contact us today if you would like to learn more about the GEO-200™ panel.