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The Barometric Zone Damper (BZD) Story: How a Great Idea Took Shape

Ron Jackson is the President of Jackson Systems and the inventor of the Barometric Zone Damper. Having been involved in the HVACR business for more than 50 years, and having 11 patents to his credit, Ron has focused his efforts at Jackson Systems on inventing products that provide simple solutions to the HVACR contractor. Ron often hears about the headaches that a bypass damper can cause: no room for the installation, the extra labor and materials involved, and decreased system efficiency. As happens with many great inventors, Ron was awakened at 3AM. He said aloud, “Man, have I got an idea for a product that could change the zoning industry.” And the BZD was born.


The BZD damper works like any standard damper with one exception – it has a built-in barometric relief mechanism that eliminates the need for a bypass damper. Tests indicate that most systems can handle up to double the rated cfm through the registers before noise becomes a problem. Unlike a standard zone damper, the BZD has been designed with both a fixed and a hinged blade and is controlled by an actuator. The lower half of the blade then functions as a barometric pressure relief for the system. The Barometric Zone Damper will allow the barometric half of the closed zone damper to open if the static pressure reaches the preset setting and bleed a small amount of air into the zones that are not calling, keeping the system static pressure at an acceptable level. Tests also indicate that bleeding a small amount of conditioned air to the zone(s) that are not calling has little impact on the temperature in the zone(s) because in most cases they are above or below setpoint, so the zone(s) can absorb the additional conditioned air. The BZD damper is factory-set and should not need any adjustments.


“I think we have an industry game changer,” says Ron. “This will eliminate the need for a bypass damper in most zoning applications.” The BZD damper does not require any adjustments and can save contractors time and money. This unique damper is the perfect solution when space is limited. It can even help improve system efficiency compared to a system with a standard bypass damper installed.


“I created these dampers to provide contractors an easy-to-use solution for zoning applications,” replied Ron. These dampers are available in round and rectangular. The rectangular BZD dampers are available in end and bottom mount, and they can be installed in the vertical or horizontal positions.


For more information on the Barometric Zone Damper, call 888-652-9663 to speak to a technical specialist.


Jackson Systems Receives Three DDA Awards

We are proud to announce that, once again, Jackson Systems received awards in three categories for The NEWS’ 2012 Dealer Design Award (DDA), including a Gold Medal in the Residential Controls category for the T-21 P™ thermostat, a Silver Medal in Ventilation Products category for the VCS Ventilation Control System, and an Honorable Mention in Contractor Services and Software category for The Filter Fetch™.


These winning entries were featured in the July 9 issue of The News  and on the Dealer Design website. Included in the award was the coveted DDA trophies that will serve as reminders to our employees that they are a part of an organization dedicated to innovation and known for creating winning products. Being honored with a DDA is a testament that we are living up to our mission to provide the best quality and most contractor-friendly control products in the industry.


Established in 1926, The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration NEWS is the HVACR contractor’s weekly newsmagazine and is the industry’s most trusted and utilized direct communications link to the HVACR buyer.  The Dealer Design Awards was created to recognize products designed to ease contractors’ daily workload. The judges evaluated installation, service and maintenance features. Approximately 30 contractor judges examined the 81 product entries and the 39 gold, silver, and bronze winners have been added to the pantheon of Dealer Design champions.


“The annual response we receive from vendors and contractors for the Dealer Design Awards program is amazing. This really is the only contest of its kind in the industry where only contractors make the decision about the award winners. The contractor judges enjoy participating because they can review some relatively new products in the market, thereby occasionally giving their own companies an advantage with some information that their competitors might not yet have,” said Kyle Gargaro, editor-in-chief of The NEWS. “I want to thank the manufacturers that entered their products and services.”


Top 25 Most FAQ: Part Five

To help you get to know the wonderful talent that makes Jackson Systems run, we asked our in-house experts to share the questions they hear the most and provide the answers here on our blog. This post completes our series of our top 25 FAQ.


Mark Nash, Account Manager


FAQ #21: What applications can the WR-400 be used for?

It is a perfect solution for a condensing unit when running wire can be labor intense. It can also be used for fan control and lighting as well. A great example was a contractor in Michigan who needed a WR-400 for live theatre stage lighting where wiring would have been a nightmare.


FAQ #22: Can the T-32-P™ be used with home and building automation systems?

Yes, the T-32-P is used with our communicating thermostat system called the WEB Comfort™. Additionally, third party manufacturers can integrate with the T-32-P™ through the built-in Modbus communications.


FAQ #23: Do you have a local office in our area?

Our only location is in Indianapolis, IN. Jackson Systems is different because we are both a distributor and a manufacturer. To keep costs low, we keep a large inventory and ship direct from our facility. We are also proud that our Comfort Systems products are made in here the USA.


FAQ #24: What is your turn-around time?

We offer free, same-day shipping. If a product is a special order or back-order, we will stay in contact with you to keep you updated on a delivery time. We can also offer comparable products if time is an issue.


FAQ #25: I don’t have a logo; can you create one for us?

Absolutely. We have an in-house print shop where we can design several logos for you to choose from. Once we agree on a logo, the first order takes 1-2 days. After that, all orders will be same day shipping.

Top 25 FAQ Part Four

To continue of our mission to round up our 25 top FAQ we thought we’d pull from our in house experts and ask employees to give us the top 5 most FAQ’s with answers included. To help you get to know the wonderful talent that makes Jackson Systems run, we’re sharing their answers and introducing some of our talent.


Ryan Feyeraband, Inside Sales Engineer

Favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems:

“What I like best about Jackson Systems is we take care of our customers.  This is something Jackson Systems believes in and makes us very successful as a company.”

FAQ #16: Does the Warning Watchdog™ monitor refrigerant pressure?

The answer is yes! Warning Watchdog™, an alarm system that monitors individual condensing units and immediately detects voltage interruption, tampering or refrigerant loss.

FAQ #17: How can my company get set up to purchase from Jackson Systems?

Easy, simply fill out an online credit application or use a credit card. To get set up for e-commerce access with Jackson Systems, request a new account and get online access for pricing and ordering.

FAQ #18: What are Jackson Systems business hours?

Our business hours are between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm EST. We would enjoy hearing from you. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

FAQ #19: Why should I buy Jackson Systems Zone Control?

It works, very reliable and we support our products. Zoning controls can be added to any forced heating or cooling system as an accessory. A zone controlled system allows you to adjust the temperature in various parts of your home independently, a luxury you might enjoy. Each area of the home will have its own thermostat, and you can set the temperature for what you like for heating and cooling for just that area.

FAQ # 20: What kind of warranty does Jackson Systems Zone panel carry?

The Jackson Systems Zone Control panel is covered under warranty for 10 years.






Top 25 FAQ Part Three

Here is part three of out top 25 FAQ roundup. To help you get to know the wonderful talent that makes Jackson Systems run, we’re sharing their answers and introducing some of our talent.


Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales

Favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems:

“The best part about working at Jackson Systems is the people I get to interact with.   From my fellow team members to the clients I meet, all have been wonderful to deal with.  I have learned something new each and every day that I come to work.   I am constantly impressed with the innovative ideas that they present.   I also enjoy helping the sales staff solve problems to become “heroes” to their clients.

Favorite industry catch phrase:

“Bleeding” which means, the release of conditioned air into the space by opening the zone damper slightly.  This is typically done to relieve static pressure build-up which occasionally causes noise concerns.   A damper can be opened slightly without affecting the temperature control in the space.

FAQ #11: Do you have a thermostat, at least 2H/1C that can be configured to be used as a programmable or non-programmable thermostat?

Yes, we do!  The affordable T-21-P™ touch screen thermostat from Jackson Systems can be configured to work as either a programmable or nonprogrammable thermostat.

FAQ #12: How many 2-wire dampers can I power with a 40VA transformer?

Standard 2-wire dampers = (4) General rule of thumb:  roughly 10VA per damper = 4 dampers = 40 VA transformer and 7 = 75 VA transformer

FAQ #13: Do you have a product that can solve an individual overheating or overcooling spot within a building?

Yes, the Zone One™ is a great solution.  It comes in damper or diffuser form and does not control the HVAC equipment.  That way, the rest of the building can receive the desired conditioned air. The Z-2000™ modulating control panel can be added later if control of the equipment is wanted or become necessary.

FAQ #14: Do you have a thermostat that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone or computer?

Yes, we stock the ecobee line of products as well as the Honeywell RedLINK systems which both have this capability.   Also, for more commercial applications, Jackson Systems manufactures a system that controls an unlimited amount of thermostats in a building.  It is called the WEB Comfort™.

FAQ #15: Can I get my logo put on my thermostat for free?

Yes, the total number for the order needs to be (12).  However, you can break that up by model (6) per model.   There is no charge for the artwork or setup.  Freight is free as well.




Top 25 FAQ Part II

Here at Jackson Systems, our employees are our most valuable asset. In an effort to round up our 25 top FAQ we thought we’d pull from our in house experts and ask employees to give us the top 5 most FAQ’s with answers included. To help you get to know the wonderful talent that makes Jackson Systems run, we’re sharing their answers and introducing some of our talent.


Mike Lee, Account Manager

Favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems:

Mike’s favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems is the opportunity to build relationships with our clients and provide those clients with great customer service and the best controls in the business.

FAQ #6:  Why do you sell thermostats from other manufactures?

We provide products that our clients want and need.  Certainly we’d love to sell our Jackson Systems thermostats to our clients, but we understand they may have a specific need for other manufacturers’ products or have an application that requires something that our thermostats can’t do. As a company, we want to be able to provide any controls that our clients may need.

FAQ #7:  When will you have a universal touch screen?

Our universal touch screen will be available in summer 2012.

FAQ #8:  Do you have thermostats that dehumidify?

We carry several thermostats that assist with dehumidification by using the A/C to dehumidify beyond set-point. If true humidity control is needed in a home or business, humidifiers or dehumidifiers are the only means to address concerns with humidity beyond what is capable with the traditional A/C equipment. We offer several thermostats that can control humidifiers and dehumidifiers as well as the full line of humidifiers and dehumidifiers from Honeywell.

FAQ #9: What wireless zoning options do you have?

The WCZ-600 wireless zoning system allow for up to 6 zones to be controlled with wireless dampers and wireless thermostats.  It is important to remember that wireless zoning means wireless communication. Power must still be supplied to the dampers since we haven’t figured out how to transmit electricity wirelessly yet. We also have options that allow for wireless thermostats from other manufacturers if wireless thermostats are needed, but the WCZ-600 is the only wireless zoning system.

FAQ #10:    Does Jackson Systems have a thermostat that can be accessed via the internet?

Yes, the WEB Comfort™ system is a thermostat management system that can be accessed via the internet and can provide control of all the thermostats in a building, school, etc.