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New North Carolina Residential Energy Code

If you’re a North Carolina contractor, we’re sure you’re no stranger to the new energy code changes. What does this mean for you? Per the new code, all thermostats must have a high balance point and be programmable. Looking for a compliant solution that’s affordable? We’ve got it!

Very few thermostats have a high balance point, especially ones as affordable as the T-21-P and T-32-P. The T-21-P is one of the most affordable touchscreen thermostats around at only $59.00 per unit. The T-32-P is another great thermostat at only $74.00 per unit. When used with outdoor sensors, these thermostats offer code compliance at a low cost. Jackson Systems also imprints thermostats with your logo free.


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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

By Greg McAfee

Besides needing capital to run a business, many different skills are needed to succeed. You must have leadership ability, people skills, know how to hire, systems in place, develop a culture, selling skills, creative thinking, patience, handle finances, training and yes, much forgiveness.

It’s easy for us at times to take our eye off the ball.
•When a long time employee, that you place much faith and confidence in, leaves without notice… keep your eye on the ball!

•When a previous employee(s) sues you and makes false accusations… keep your eye on the ball!

•When a customer refuses to pay you after they agreed to… keep your eye on the ball!

•When you are going through personal issues and family trials… keep your eye on the ball!

•When your phone does not ring as often as you like and you have trouble keeping your team busy… keep your eye on the ball!

•When your outgo exceeds your income… keep your eye on the ball!

•When you have to fire a friend or family member… keep your eye on the ball!

•When a team member scratches a very expensive piano or runs your truck through a building… keep your eye on the ball!

•When you can’t find good help… keep your eye on the ball!

•When someone wants to hurt you and your image… keep your eye on the ball!

The ball represents everything you’ve worked for- your calling, your dreams, your goals, and your future. Keep your eye on the ball and keep swinging!

How do you keep your eye on the ball in difficult situations? Comment and share!

Honeywell Wiring Modification

VisionPRO and FocusPRO families with E and Aux heat pump wiring terminals are getting updates.

Currently select models of the VisionPRO and FocusPRO have separate Auxiliary (Aux) and Emergency (E) wiring terminals.  These separate terminals will combine into a single terminal labeled Aux/E.  This update enables these products to match other Honeywell products and more importantly it eliminates an installation step for the contractor.

The majority of heat pump systems do not have separate Auxiliary Heat and Emergency Heat sources, which forces the installer to add a jumper wire between the separate Aux and E terminals during installation.  Having a combined Aux/E terminal eliminates the need for the jumper wire.

Models affected include: TH8320U1008, TH6220D1002, TH5220D1003, TH8321U1006, TH6220D1028, and TH5220D1029


No action.  Best Practice – When replacing a thermostat in the field, replace both the wallplate and thermostat.  Please note: the new models with the combined Aux/E terminals do not mount on the old wallplates.  A “key” has been added to the plastic to prevent the installer from trying to match the old wallplate to the new thermostat.

Examples of new “Key/Poke Yoke” in the plastic to prevent mixing of old/new wallplates and thermostats.


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