Month: February 2012

Our New Catalog Is Here!

We know you’ve been waiting for it! Our Volume 15 catalogs are now available. The new volume includes up-to-date information on Jackson Systems’ entire product line, and also introduces our new, upcoming products and services for 2012. The catalog is complete with product features, individual specification sheets, and wiring diagrams. You’ll notice a new look for […]

Who’s Got The Best Idea?

Jackson Systems is proud to be sponsoring one of ACCA’s most popular events at this year’s conference, the “I’ve Got An Idea!” session. During this session, contractors share their best ideas for making their businesses better. Moderating this event is Vince DiFilippo of DiFilippo’s Service Company, who’ll be handing out cash for the best ideas! […]

Your Elevator Pitch

By Greg McAfee You meet someone new and in the first few seconds they ask, ”what do you do?” Do you just rattle off, “uh…I’m in the furnace business…sort of…”? Or, while displaying good posture, good eye contact, and smiling, do you deliver the perfect Elevator Pitch? An Elevator Pitch is a quick summation of […]

Introducing FiresideFriend!

With over 10 million homes in the United States having gas fireplaces, HVAC contractors are missing out on a great opportunity. FiresideFriend™ from Jackson Systems is a family of remote controls for gas fireplaces. HVAC contractors who work with gas furnaces will find that these remote controls can be easily offered to homeowners. FiresideFriend™ remote […]