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Balancing Your Water System without Automatic Balancing Valves

By Marie of Flo-Pac, LLC

Automatic balancing valves offer an excellent way to balance a water system without resorting to setting the system manually. It’s important in any HVAC system to achieve and maintain hydronic balance in order to ensure proper air temperature control in the building.

However, if your system does not feature automatic balancing valves, you will need to configure the balance manually. This is not a difficult task with the right knowledge and tools.

Balancing Your System: The Basic Procedure
A hydronic system is in balance when the flow throughout the entire system corresponds to the flow rate specifications recommended for it. Most experts prefer to balance a water system using direct flow measurements, as it avoids the mistakes usually associated with using pressure drops or temperature changes.
1. Set controls so that the coils are receiving full flow.
2. Adjust the pressure reducing valve, or PRV, so that the system maintains a minimum of 5psi of additional    pressure at the highest terminal. Pressure throughout the rest of the system should be put on the normal setting.
3. Open all manual valves fully and balance the system proportionally.
4. Balance is adequate when water measures within 10% of the flow specifications for the design. If the system does not come to within 10%, you can adjust the impeller diameter.’

If your system utilizes three-way valves, you may need to take additional steps to ensure proper balance. Balancing valve and control valve suppliers recommend closing off water flow through the bypass while water flows through the coil, then doing the opposite (closing off water to the coil while water flows through the bypass). Full flow gpm should be the same through both the bypass and the coil.

Giving Back To Those Who Gave It All

This past Veterans’ Day, the Robert L. Miller Sr. Veteran’s Center was dedicated in South Bend, Indiana. The Veteran’s Center is the newest addition to the Center for the Homeless Family, and upon completion, they will be able to welcome 25 male veterans with housing and the support they need.

The Indiana PHCC mentioned in their eNewsletter this morning that the St. Joe Valley PHCC members donated their time and labor to help with the construction of the Veteran’s Center. Ferguson, Mid-City Supply, Etna Supply and Central Supply also donated materials for the completion of the facility. What a great gift to give back to our service members on Veterans’ Day.


We’re All in the Same Bucket

By Greg McAfee of

Does your company badmouth the competition? If so, why? There is plenty of work out there for everyone and putting other companies down does nothing, but make you and your company look bad. The old rule that says, “ if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all” still applies today.

When I pull up to a traffic light and see another HVAC company vehicle sitting across from me, I wave. Some wave back and some don’t. Sure, I’m as competitive as the next guy, but I think just being in the same trade should at least earn a wave and a smile.

This reminds me of a fisherman’s tale I once heard. A fisherman, walking along with a bucket of lobsters, is stopped by a friend. The friend asked, “Won’t the lobsters escape by climbing out of the bucket. ‘No’, replies the fisherman, ‘you know what lobsters are like. When one gets near the top, the others pull him back down”.

So be professional, be friendly, and don’t be a lobster!

Halloween Fun at Jackson Systems

Our marketing team put the leftover 2011 calendars to good use with their trickery yesterday, and redecorated Carl’s office for him!

Did you experience any workday trickery this year? How about treats?