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Kurt Wessling, Burger Eating Champ!

Yesterday may have been the most monumentous lunch hour in Jackson Systems’ history. Our very own Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales, took on the Big Ugly and won.

The Big Ugly from Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream


Known only as the “Big Ugly,” this beast of a burger weighs in at one pound AFTER its been cooked. You may have seen the Big Ugly on the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food. I am happy to report that Kurt mastered this challenge, and his picture is hanging on the wall of fame at Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream, in Carmel, Indiana.

Kurt holding his empty plate; he hasn't eaten since...

Contractor Rich Morgan: avid traveler, skydiver

For Rich Morgan, President of Magic Touch Mechanical in Mesa, Arizona, completing a job better than it has to be is stardard procedure. Rich and his team were awarded the Better Business Bureau’s “Business Ethics Award,” a true testament to this philosophy. When not on the job, Rich enjoys skydiving around the world, and steering clear of snakes; read his story below and follow Magic Touch Mechanical on Facebook.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened on a job?
One of our commercial clients is an exotic reptile shop. We were asked to replace a system and all the ducting at the store managers home. Three of the four bedrooms in the home were filled with literally hundreds of tanks of poisonous snakes including dozens of rattle snakes and a black mamba. We probably asked 20 times; “Are you sure none are missing and on the loose?”

What is your favorite thing about zone control?
Although we have Jackson Systems Zone systems on our website. We sell very little zone control. We purchase our controls from Jackson and I’m itching for our people to sell zone control, but maybe we should focus on the next question 🙂

What is the best thing about working with Jackson Systems?
The customer service, quick response, and knowledge of products from EVERYONE at Jackson Systems is unparalleled! We have been doing business with Jackson Systems for years and it is and has always been an absolute pleasure. We have local suppliers clamoring to get some of purchases we give to Jackson Systems and we simply tell them “No thanks, we’re good!”

What do you love about your job?
Our team. It’s rewarding to work with some of the best and brightest in our industry and makes me proud to have assembled such a great group of people under one roof over the years.

How do youspend your time outside of work?
I’m an avid skydiver with over 1,000 jumps logged to date and have had the privilege of jumping all over the world and meeting a lot of wonderful and interesting people along the way. When not working or skydiving, I like spend time with my family traveling in our RV.

What is your motto?
“We Do It Better Than It Has To Be”

Go Back to School with JSU

It never hurts to have extra education and training under your belt. Jackson Systems makes it easy for contractors and technicians to become zone control certified with our certification programs offered at Jackson Systems University. Increase your opportunities with zone control certification from JSU.

Becoming certified in zone control is easy. Begin with your choice of a first exam and learn the sales and technical side of zone control; how it works, the benefits of zone control to you as a contractor, and reasons to sell zone control. JSU is an online training program, accessible anytime. Complete the training programs when its convenient for you; study material is provided.

In addition to the convenience of Jackson Systems University, our programs are also offered free-of-charge. Don’t let excuses stand in the way, JSU offers everything you need to become zone control certified today!


To get started, visit click on JSU. From there you’ll see the list of material needed for review before you take an exam. Feel free to print and use the material as you take your exam – our goal is for you to understand zone control, not sharpen your memory skills. Once you complete the exam it will automatically grade your results, so you will immediately know your score. A passing score is 80%. We will be notified once you have passed and will send you a certificate and patch to show off your new certification.


List your company as a zone control certified company on our website. This will let homeowners and building owners know that your company is the one to call for zoning. If you believe your company has 75% or more of the field employees scoring over 80% on the zone control exams, please fill out the online form to list your company. In addition to your online listing, we will send you a company zone control certified certificate and patch for each qualified employee. We will also share your company’s success through a media release to the HVAC trade publications.

Introducing the T-21-P!

Today is an exciting day at Jackson Systems, we’ve released our newest product, the T-21-P Touchscreen Thermostat! BIG SCREEN, small price!

The Comfort System™ T-21-P is an amazingly affordable, feature-rich touchscreen thermostat available exclusively from Jackson Systems. The T-21-P can be battery powered or hardwired which makes it ideally suited for use in residential or light commercial applications.

The T-21-P touchscreen thermostat features a slim profile that makes it an attractive addition for many applications. The large backlit display helps illuminate the large numbers and icons, thus making the T-21-P easy to read and use.

“Simplicity of design coupled with an attractive profile, large touchscreen display, and outstanding price point, make the T-21-P a perfect stocking thermostat for every HVAC contractor. We are excited to offer our contractors a great product that is affordable for their entire client base,” says Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales and Marketing for Jackson Systems, LLC.

More information about the Comfort System™ T-21-P Touchscreen Thermostat can be found online at or by calling 888-652-9663.

Troubleshooting Your Balancing Valves When Your System’s Water Flow is Too Low or Too High

by Marie from Flo-Pac, LLC.

It’s not uncommon to run into water flow problems when installing new balancing valves in a water system. Luckily, issues related to excessively low or high water flow are usually fairly straightforward to troubleshoot and fix. Let’s examine the most common problems and how to fix them.
If the water flow is too low:
1. Is the strainer clogged? Check the coil strainer first. You may need to manually clean it or back-flush it to remove particle matter.
2. Is the valve installed in the correct place? Check the valve’s location and GPM.
3. Is the system pressure too low? Low system pressure is often caused by problems with the hook-up supply and return valves – check the pressure here first. Also, check the head available in the coil and ATC valves. It may be is too small for the drop through those valves.
4. Is the balancing valve plugged up with debris? Cleaning the cartridge solves this problem quickly.
5. Is the ATC valve port closed? Is the Cv wrong? If so, be sure to open the ATC valve port and check the Cv.
6. Is the system valve partway closed? Be sure that all manual system valves are open.
If the water flow is too high:
1. Is the valve installed in the correct place? Check the valve’s location and GPM.
2. Is the water system pressure too high? First, check on the differential pressure across the automatic balancing valve to see whether it is higher than 32 psi. Since it’s important to maintain pressure below this number, close the return-side ball valve until the difference is below 32 psi.
3. Is the valve installed backwards? A straightforward but common problem. Check the flow arrow to see if water is flowing in the right direction. Simply reverse the valve if necessary.
If your balancing valves are making a considerable amount of noise, visit this troubleshooting guide for advice on fixing them.

Jackson Systems Receives Congrats from Lieutenant Governor!

Just the other day, we opened our mail and found this nice note from Indiana’s Lieutenant Governor, Becky Skillman, congratulating Jackson Systems on being named one of Indiana’s 2011 Companies to watch. Jackson Systems is very proud to have received this honor and appreciates Lieutenant Governor Skillman’s kind words.

Companies to Watch is an awards program that celebrates Indiana’s privately held second-stage companies, typically those businesses that are past the startup phase, are considered to be established, and face issues of growth, not
survival. The program is presented by the Indiana Economic Development
Corporation, its Small Business Development Center network, Purdue University and the Edward Lowe Foundation.

The companies honored range in industries and have headquarters based in 19 Indiana counties. Jackson Systems, LLC was among the 43 honored companies in 2011.


Ron Jackson Introduces His New Book

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, August 1, 2011- Ron Jackson, inventor and co-founder of Jackson Systems, LLC, an Indiana-based, award-winning HVAC manufacturer and wholesaler, has released his new book, Should I Patent My Great Idea?.

Jackson has been a full time inventor for over 50 years and also holds 10 U.S. patents. Jackson’s book shares many of his ideas that have made him a successful inventor.

“If you have a great idea, I believe that before you spend a lot of time and money it is important that you get a good feel for what is involved in the process. You will need to know such things as average cost of a patent and your chances of success after you receive your patent,” says Jackson.

The book is available for purchase from for $14.95 plus shipping.

About Jackson Systems:

Through our mission to provide the best quality and most contractor-friendly control products and service in the industry, we work each day to deliver excellence. Founded in 1997, Jackson Systems today is celebrated as one of the fastest growing companies in Indiana. Jackson Systems serves customers worldwide as a leading direct-to-contractor zone control manufacturer and distributor.

Combining the skills of our talented technical engineers and the customer service support of our sales team, Jackson Systems sets the standard from creating contractor-friendly products and available support teams to help our customers achieve success. Jackson Systems is the direct choice for simple controls. For formal quotes, design assistance or additional information, visit or call 888-652-9663.