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Warning Watchdog and Copper Theft

As many of you know copper prices have continued to rise.  As we have seen before when copper prices are up so is copper theft.  If copper theft is a  problem in your area, please consider protecting your investment with a Warning Watchdog, the complete condensing unit protection security system. The Warning Watchdog can protect up to 4 split systems or RTU’s with one control panel.

Unfortunately one of the hardest hit sites for copper theft is churches.  Because of the way churches are designed, many of them do not have RTU’s but they do have multiple split systems.  These split systems can be easy targets for  thieves.  As the picture below shows some churches are appealing to a higher power to help prevent theft.  Maybe with this sign and a Warning Watchdog alarm system we can help reduce the theft and vandalism of condensing units.



More information on the Warning Watchdog by Jackson Systems can be found at


HVAC Business Boot Camp with Greg McAfee

If Greg McAfee can do it…in Dayton, Ohio, you can too! Greg made an investment of $274.00 and worked to become the leading HVAC service provider in an area that’s been deemed one of the 10 worst places to do business in the United States: Dayton, Ohio.

In the Dayton Area, they’ve lost General Motors, NCR, Mead Paper and many, many more great employers. Despite this, McAfee has retained a great customer base that values integrity, responsiveness and quality.

And now, Former Marine Greg McAfee and his Team are ready to share their knowledge, systems and quality practices with HVAC company owners and managers. You will find out how McAfee is up 46% over last year!

Register now! Come alone, or bring a key member of your team along with you to OPERATION: BUILD YOUR BUSINESS.

The Main Event

August 18 & 19, 2011
COST: $499.00 Per Person

Add a Bonus Day:
August 20, 2011

Get a behind the scenes look at the company by attending a monthly 2-hour, motivational and informational team building meeting of the entire McAfee staff. This meeting clearly demonstrates the lifeblood of our business…you won’t want to miss it!

Cost: Add $79.00

This event is sponsored by Jackson Systems. To register, please visit

Jackson Systems Introduces WEB Comfort™

Jackson Systems, LLC, is proud to introduce the WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System.

The Jackson Systems WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System delivers exceptional value by enabling multiple thermostats to be wirelessly networked throughout the building or home.  The WEB Comfort™ system provides an easy-to-use, web-based dashboard for programming, monitoring and control.  Each WEB Comfort™ is enable for Internet connectivity and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a standard web browser.

Jackson Systems WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System provides individual temperature control coupled with energy monitoring and cost savings by upgrading stand-alone thermostats to a powerful building management system.  Providing intelligent energy management, the WEB Comfort™ system helps create more comfortable occupants and a greener planet, along with reduced energy costs.

The WEB Comfort system now also features newly-designed transceivers that are integrated into the WEB-T32P communicating thermostats.

More information about the WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System can be found online at or by calling 888-652-9663.



Contractor Mike Atchley: an always learning family man

When he’s not on the job, Mike Atchley from Atchley Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Smith, Arkansas enjoys an afternoon round of golf and spending time with family. Check out Atchley Air on Facebook, and keep reading for Mike’s “aha moment” with a frustrated engineer.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened on a job?
A couple of years ago we were called in to take a look at an engineer’s HVAC system. He was looking to upgrade his system to try to lower his utility bills. As most of us are aware, engineers usually know more about HVAC than we do, and this one was no different.

As we began inspecting the existing system and ductwork we noticed he had a zoned dampering system. We also noticed his barometric relief damper was ducted to… the attic. If static pressure got too high because not enough zones were calling, the barometric damper would open and dump conditioned air directly into the attic! After pointing this out to him, he was embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed this before, and furious at the original contractor.

Not only did we get to fix the dampering system, we also got to replace the HVAC system.  We’re now the only contractor he trusts!

What is your favorite thing about zone control?
COMFORT! I love the ability to stay comfortable no matter what part of the house I’m in, even if the west sun is beating down on my living room windows.

What is the best thing about working with Jackson Systems?
The best thing about Jackson Systems is they’ll private label just about anything. I believe in marketing Atchley Air, and Jackson Systems has been extremely helpful in providing us with products that have our name, and our name only, on them.

What do you love about your job?
I love the fact that every day is different. I worked as a public accountant for a while, and was bored out of my mind. It’s been nearly 10 years since I started with Atchley Air, and there hasn’t been a day yet that’s been boring.

How do you spend your time outside of work?
Most of my time away from the office is spent with my wife and 2 daughters. Having active kids is about the only hobby I have time for, though I have been known to sneak out occasionally on a Friday afternoon for a round of golf.

What is your motto?
Always be learning. The company that decides it knows enough and doesn’t need to improve has just started a downhill slide.

Braeburn 6100, 6300, and 6400 thermostats

By Mike Holscher

Braeburn has introduced their new family of programmable touchscreen thermostats.  These new thermostats from Braeburn consist of three different models.  The models are the 6100, the 6300, and the 6400.  The Braeburn 6100 is for 1heat/1cool.  The Braeburn 6300 is for 4heat/2cool.  The Braeburn 6400 is for 4heat/2cool with humidity control.

All three models of the Braeburn touchscreen family are universal thermostats, 7 day programmable with an optional indoor remote sensor.  The thermostats have separate
commercial or residential modes with a bright blue backlight with high intensity LED technology.  The thermostats also include the new and exclusive “Speed Bar” technology for faster programming.  The 6300 and 6400 models also have built in economizer controls.

Next time you are looking for a reliable touchscreen thermostat consider the Braeburn 6100, 6300, or 6400 thermostat.


Jackson Systems is currently offering a 10% discount on Braeburn Touchscreen Thermostats, models 6100, 6300, and 6400. Use promo code 11BRAETOUCH. Offer expires 7/15/2011.

Why Choose a Manual Balancing Valve Over a Circuit Setter?

From Marie of Flo-Pac, LLC. For more information, please vist

While the introduction of the Bell & Gossett Circuit Setter revolutionized the way plumbing experts calibrate a water system to achieve balance, manual balancing valves still have a number of key advantages over their fancier cousins.  Keeping a balanced water system ensures optimum heating or cooling performance, and choosing the right valves for the size and shape of your project helps keep costs low and resources well-used.

Though often hailed as the best valve available for water systems, circuit setters have a balance valve built into the device and calibrate the proper water pressure to keep the
system in balance automatically.  Circuit setters also feature a number of additional benefits, including monitoring and measuring points as well as a shutoff valve system.  This allows users to shut off water to one part of the system, effectively keeping the rest of the system closed and in balance while saving energy by eliminating water flow to one area of a building.  This is most useful for water heating systems in large buildings, when one wing of the building might be undergoing renovations or otherwise out of commission.  Circuit setters also make it easy to add additions to a building without fumbling too heavily with the existing water system.

Circuit setters, however, are simply not suited for residential purposes.  A house or smaller building would be better served with a manual balancing valve.  Manual balancing valves are positioned throughout the water system to keep it in balance, with each valve custom-calibrated and positioned by the installer.  In a small home water system generally unaffected by changes or construction, the fact that the valves must be
calibrated individually does not pose a problem – and manual balancing valves offer a much cheaper alternative that automatic balancing valves or circuit setters.

In thinking about technical equipment, people tend to regard terms like “manual” or “automatic” in terms of manual options being more old-fashioned than automatic.  For
example, most Americans prefer to drive automatic vehicles – but manual stick-shift cars still require less gasoline and offer the driver more complete control, making them a better choice for many drivers.  Manual balancing valves have a similar place in water systems, and they are often more useful depending on the needs of the installer and the building owner.

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Contractor Steve Becker: grandfather, green thumb

For Steve Becker of Airtron, Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana, doing the right thing happens even when no one is looking. Steve enjoys keeping his wife happy (and at a comfortable temperature) and spending time with his family. Read more below and check out Airtron, Inc. on Facebook!

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened on a job?
The HVAC industry is a people business which is always interesting; however, it is seldom as exciting as helping free a cat that is stuck in ductwork between the first and second floors of a home. 

What is your favorite thing about zone control?
We have 3 systems and 10 zones in our own home. My wife would say she loves the ability to have the temperature exactly where she wants it all the time in every room. As an example, our bedroom is always 67 degrees. You know what they say about keeping momma happy….

What is the best thing about working with Jackson Systems?
Their technical support is always available, extremely helpful, and the Jackson team never talks down to our team members as they help us solve a problem.

What do you love about your job?
Developing people. We have had several people promoted from our office to leadership roles in other affiliate companies. For example, we are extremely proud of Scott Boose who started out as our Controller and was promoted to Service Manager prior to being promoted to Senior Vice President in a regional role. He was then promoted to run British Gas Services where he managed over 8,000 technicians. Today, Scott heads up Clockwork and oversees all of the OneHour, Ben Franklin and Mr. Sparky operations and franchises. Developing leaders is a two-way street and people like Scott leave you with more than they take with them.

How do you spend your time outside of work?
We have six grandchildren and I love spending time with them. I plan to take our two oldest grandchildren to South Dakota (by myself) in a few weeks to show them their Becker/Engbrecht heritage while seeing the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. I also love to work in the yard and head up our church’s golf league.

What is your motto?
Do the right thing, even when no one else is looking.

Jackson Systems Welcomes New Employees

We’d like to take the time to introduce you to our new employees. Jackson Systems is very excited to welcome Amanda Balz as Marketing Assistant, Anthony Kendall as Project Manager, and John Pfeiffer as Inside Sales Engineer to the team!

About Amanda:

As a Marketing Assistant, Amanda will be entering data and maintaining marketing records, carrying out marketing campaigns, e-mail and social media marketing, as well as assisting in other marketing tasks.

“We are excited to have Amanda bring her creative talents to our marketing team here at Jackson Systems. Amanda’s abilities will help us continue to stay in touch with our current clients and hopefully build on our efforts to reach out to a growing number of  prospects. She is a great fit for our expanding marketing department,” says Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Prior to joining Jackson Systems, LLC, Amanda worked as a marketing assistant for an Indianapolis-based contractor, as well as doing freelance marketing and design for other local businesses. She is currently pursuing a degree in marketing.

About Anthony:

As a Project Manager, Anthony will service our commercial installation projects at hospitals, schools, and office buildings.  Working at installation sites, Anthony will ensure that our commercial temperature control systems are installed and functioning properly.  Putting his problem-solving and computer skills to use, he will test systems using a laptop computer to fine-tune the control sequences to make certain the systems are operating at maximum efficiency.  His ability to correlate the small details of a system to the larger picture will guarantee customer satisfaction!

Anthony has extensive experience in the electrical field, working on multiple large-scale industrial and commercial projects. Previously, Anthony founded E.G. Valfortore and worked as Project Engineer. In addition, he was also an Electrical Instructor for Everest College in San Bernardino, CA. He is currently studying for Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

About John:

As an Inside Sales Engineer, John will be providing customer service and technical support. He will be assisting with quotes and handling customer orders.

“We are excited to have John join our staff of dedicated sales engineers. John’s personality lends itself well to serving our clients and providing them with a great experience like the rest of our team. He is a welcome addition,” says Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales and Marketing.

John graduated from the University of Indianapolis in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in business administration. Prior to joining Jackson Systems, LLC, John worked in recruiting for the University of Indianapolis, and was also a volunteer fireman.

Contractor Greg Bassett: Great listener, father of twins

Finding the cause of unexplained noises is part of the job for Greg Bassett of Bassett Services Inc. in Plainfield, Indiana. Greg knows from experience that it pays to listen! Read his story below and follow Bassett Services on Facebook.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened on a job?
From my personal experience, there are tons of interesting things that happen on a job site. One that sticks out more than any other happened on a commercial job one day. The customer called several times about the rooftop making a loud noise about every 10-15 minutes, from the time she opened her craft store until the time she closed in the early evening. After several phone calls from the customer and several attempts from the technician, I finally felt like it was time for me to go check it out for myself. The customer mentioned that the problem happens every day on a frequent basis. I set my ladder up and began to troubleshoot the issue.

Waiting with my head in the ceiling occasionally looking out the storefront to pass the time, I continued to wait for that strange noise. The air conditioner would cycle on then cycle off with no noises at all. I was starting to get puzzled as to what she was hearing. She came screaming, “There’s the noise, there it is!” I heard it, but it wasn’t the rooftop unit because it was off. The strange noise would last for about 20-30 seconds and then stop. We wouldn’t hear it again for about another 20 minutes. After I would hear the noise, I would see someone walking out of the business next door. I have already spent over an hour trying to find this strange noise for the customer. I was going to get to the bottom of this before I left or I wasn’t going to be able to handle the hassle from my other co-workers if I didn’t find it.

Finally, I saw someone go into the business again next door. She came yelling again, “There it is, that noise again.” The person walked back by the store again holding a bag, got into their car and drove off. Out of curiosity, I walked to the business next door and asked them what they do when a customer walks in. She answered, “I turn on the conveyer to get their garments.” Yep I found it – a dry cleaning store. I asked her to turn the conveyer on until I came back so I explained to her what was going on. I walked back to our customer’s location and she came yelling, “There it is, but it won’t go away.” So I had her walk with me to the neighboring business to identify what the source was. She was so embarrassed and I felt like the hero. Most problems can be solved if we just stop and listen.

What is your favorite thing about zone control?
My favorite thing is the ability to stay comfortable. Operating cost is a factor in running any system, but I will gladly pay a little bit more to be comfortable.

What is the best thing about working with Jackson Systems?
Jackson Systems is like going to the MOM and POP store. They will help you in any program that will help you grow and develop your business or personal goals. They have so many well-trained employees in the industry, not only on the products that they have developed over the years, but also on the other manufacturers’ products as well.

What do you love about your job?
The thing I love most about my job is being surrounded with the most loyal employees, customers and companies.

How do you spend your time outside of work?
I spend my time outside of work with family and friends. We love to travel, ride ATVs, go fishing and camping. This September, my wife Lori and I will celebrate our 10-year anniversary. We have 6-year-old twin boys and our family is active in church and baseball.

What is your motto?
Take great care of your customers or someone else will.