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Jackson Systems Receives Award from Distech Controls

During the recent Partner Conference 2010, Jackson Systems was awarded the “Consistent Performer Award” from Distech Controls.  Vice President Joe Jackson was on hand to receive the award.  Joe Jackson stated, “We are honored to be recognized as a consistent, reliable performer for Distech Controls, who is one of our most important partners.  The award is a testament to my team’s efforts and hard work that they put in day in and day out.  Jackson Systems is thrilled to be considered an award winning dealer.”

The award was handed out during the annual meeting for Distech during the days of September 27th and 28th, 2010.

New Catalog from Jackson Systems Now Available

Indianapolis, IN – Jackson Systems, LLC, an award-winning HVAC manufacturer and wholesaler has released the latest version of their product catalog. It is a smaller, more useful catalog for the HVAC contractor. The latest catalog showcases the innovative product line by Jackson Systems; complete with product features, individual specification sheets and wiring diagrams. To receive a copy of Jackson Systems’ new catalog, please visit and complete the catalog order form or call 888-652-9663.


An interactive version is also available online at The contractor can now search, print, email and download the catalog via the internet.


About Jackson Systems:

Through our mission to provide the best quality and most contractor-friendly control products and service in the industry, we work each day to deliver excellence. Founded in 1997, Jackson Systems today is celebrated as one of the fastest growing companies in Indiana. Jackson Systems serves customers worldwide as a leading direct-to-contractor zone control manufacturer and distributor.

Combining the skills of our talented technical engineers and the customer service support of our sales team, Jackson Systems sets the standard from creating contractor-friendly products and available support teams to help our customers achieve success. Jackson Systems is the direct choice for simple controls. For formal quotes, design assistance or additional information, visit or call 888-652-9663.

We hope that you will be joining Jackson Systems at the 2010 Comfortech Show in Baltimore. Don't forget to stop by Booth #535 to check out the new WCT-32™ Wireless Comfort Thermostat and the rest of Jackson Systems' new products!


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Wireless Thermostat

Jackson Systems has a new wireless thermostat, the WCT-32 Wirelss Comfort.  Below are some of the great features present in the WCT-32 Wireless Comfort thermostat.

WCT-32 Wireless thermostat 

1)      The WCT-32 consists of a thermostat and an HVAC Module.

2)      This thermostat and module are made in the U.S.A

3)      Single stage, Multistage, and heat pump (3h/2c)

4)      This stat is not dual fuel compatible.

5)      The thermostat is battery powered (2AA batteries)

6)      The stat and transceiver can be 100’ apart.

7)      Metal enclosures or metal walls might impede the wireless signal.

8)      Programmable thermostat with 4 programs per day.

9)      To use the stat as a manual stat, place it in the permanent hold mode.

10)  The hold key and be used for temporary hold (3 hour hold)-pressed once, or permanent hold-pressed twice.

11)  The transceiver has one LED that shows 3 different lights.(Multi-color LED)

  1. Flashing Green = No Calls
  2. Solid Green = Fan
  3. Solid Yellow = First Stage Cooling
  4. Flashing Yellow = Second Stage Cooling
  5. Solid Red = First Stage Heating
  6. Flashing Red = Second Stage Heating

12)  The thermostat has 15 advanced installer setup menus including: (enter by pressing and holding the “Enter” key for 7-10 seconds)

  1. Zone Number
  2. Home Number
  3. Program the HVAC module with Zone and Home address
  4. Equipment type – Heat/cool or heat pump
  5. Set point limits-heat and cool

13)  If you have one stat you do not have to set the zone and home numbers, the module will automatically recognize the stat out of the box.

14)  If you have more than one stat you have to set the home and zone number, then connect the stat to the transceiver.

15)  To reset the stat to factory defaults.  Remove the batteries, press and hold the System key down while re-applying the batteries.(this might be needed if the end-user cannot program the stat because the night cool is between 0-9 )

16)  The Menu key is used to set time of day, daily schedule, and to display schedule.

17)  The HVAC Control Module has and automatic backup.  It saves the previous 24 hour pattern of calls in memory.  Should the module lose communications with the stat the module automatically repeats the call pattern of the previous 24 hours.


Installation of Bypass Humidifiers

Sometimes contractors ask us where to mount the new bypass humidifiers from Honeywell.

The new Honeywell bypass humidifiers can be mounted on either the supply duct or the return duct. 

When the humidifier is mounted on the supply duct, the 6 inch bypass duct is connected to the return duct.

When the humidifier is mounted on the return duct, the 6 inch bypass duct is connected to the supply duct.


Either way you have the unit mounted, the airflow will always be from the supply (warm air or high pressure) to the return duct (cool air or low pressure).


Jackson Systems believes that you will have a slightly higher operating efficiency when the bypass humidifier is mounted on the supply duct and having the 6 inch bypass duct connected to the return; therefore we recommend mounting the humidifier on the supply duct whenever possible.

White-Rodgers and NHRA racing

White-Rodgers recently made the decision to become a major sponsor in NHRA drag racing by joining forces with top Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racer, Steve Johnson. Phil Kimble, Product Development Manager for Jackson Systems was pleased to attend the inaugural event over Labor Day weekend held at the Mac Tools NHRA Nationals at O’Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis. “Watching Steve Johnson launch himself down a quarter mile track on two wheels at almost 190 MPH is an incredible sight to see.” said Phil. “However, I think I’ll stick to my day job.”


About Steve Johnson:


Racing Classes: Pro Stock Motorcycle in NHRA Full Throttle series.

His Motorcycle: An extremely modified, 350 horsepower Suzuki TL-1000.

Profession: Professional Racer and Team Owner

Personal: Born and raised in Granada Hills, Calif., Steve Johnson and his business, Steve Johnson Racing are based in Irondale (Birmingham), Alabama.

Great way to Save Energy and Improve Air Quality

Article provided by Lori Wampler – a former Oklahoma College researcher

Did you know Gerald McClain, after numerous decades working with geothermal energy pioneer James Bose at Oklahoma State University, has designed a new home geothermal cooling and heating method?

Heat pumps work as a fridge in reverse, they use electrical energy to move heat from one place to one other rather than generating heat directly.

As a result, they can be 2-3 times more energy-efficient than conventional electric heating units. 

A geothermal heat pump is a central home heating and/or cooling system that pumps heat to/or from the soil. It uses the soil as a heat source (in the winter months) or a heat sink (in the summer). 

The geothermal pump models are between the most energy efficient solutions for providing HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) and water heating. 

The setup rates are higher than normal systems (nearly $45,000 lowered by a 30 per cent with government tax credit), but the difference is normally returned in energy savings in three to ten years. 

The Gerald McClain's geothermal system is based on:
– 6 one inch diameter pipes sunk three hundred feet into the soft red clay below his home
– A water antifreeze mix in the pipes that picks up the ground's constant 62 degree F. temperature
– 3 heat pumps in the attic that use a small electric powered compressor to heat or cool the home 

The electricity for the pumps costs approximately $100 a month, much less than the standard heating and cooling expenses in the area. 

A well controlled heat pump unit not only will save electricity, but will also blow dust into the house, improving indoor air quality.

Indoor dust can pose health hazards, especially to young children. New studies (As published in the site in Sept 2009) reveals that indoor dust is highly polluted by persistent and endocrine disrupting chemical substances (such as poly-chlorinated biphenyls). 

Heat pumps get energy efficiency by transferring heat around as opposed to liberating it. This is not to say there is no air motion with a heat pump, but the heat exchange lowers that process. So does the lack of a cold-cycle as it exists in many conventional air conditioners, which also acts to blow dust through the house.

The author – Lorie Wampler shares knowledge for the heat pumps air conditioning blog. It's a non profit blog focused on her personal knowledge with ac to cut down energy consumption and improve indoor air quality. With this she would like to increase the interest on eco-friendly tips for the home and change the public conception of energy efficiency.