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Using a Jackson Systems panel with a Durozone damper

A question we sometimes get from contractors on replacement applications is if they can use some of our products with products from another manufacturer. Many times you can. For instance you can use a Jackson System zone panel with DuroZone dampers. The DuraZone dampers have different terminals than Jackson Systems dampers; however they can still work together with the use of one (1) SPDT relay. Below is a drawing that shows how to wire a Jackson Systems zone panel to a DuroZone damper.

A Third of all homeowners want it – Do you supply it?

During recent surveys, on average a third of all homeowners indicated they would opt to purchase zone control if offered. Are you supplying your clients with what they need to be comfortable?

So, are you interested in a way to introduce or sell zone control to your clients? Jackson Systems Green Homeowner Brochure is the perfect tool to help. This simple brochure will explain who could benefit from adding a zone control system to their home to how the zone control system works. Not only is this a great tool for the contractor to use, but it's also a great tool to leave with your customer to educate them on the overall benefits to their home.  The Green Homeowner Brochure from Jackson Systems is one you don't want to leave behind on your sales calls.

Download your free Green Homeowner Brochure Today! Don't forget to ask how we can customize the brochure with your company logo and information. To customize your brochure, please contact Ashley Rudolphi at

ecobee Smart Thermostats receive another free software upgrade

Ecobee, the multiple award-winning green technology company that provides energy management products to the residential and commercial markets, has announced their third over-the-air software upgrade.  The Wi-Fi enabled Smart Thermostatcontinues to receive new features and functionality at no additional cost to ecobee customers. Utilizing a seamless process, ecobee has enhanced all of their Smart Thermostats. The new feature set includes:

Additional customized climate periods within the editor feature of the seven day schedule.

Added support for a two-hour manual override.

The ability to program humidity alerts.

Better support and more options for ground source & geothermal heat pumps.

Extra support for steam humidifiers including the ability to allow
humidification with or without a call for heat.

Support for a UV lamp air filter within the HVAC system.

Temporary manual overrides for fan settings.

Random start heat and cool operations for multiple system applications.

“We chose these upgrades by listening to what our customers were requesting” says Stuart Lombard, President & CEO, ecobee. “At ecobee we strive to constantly improve our product and incorporate features relevant to customer needs. We work diligently to offer an outstanding user experience and adhere to our principal of green made easy.”  ecobee has also released a new version of the ecobee iPhone and iPod Touch app for the Smart Thermostat. This app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store.

Check out the ecobee demo at

Want to set your company apart from the competition?

Jackson Systems University is an online education program for individuals to become Zone Control Certified. The exams focus on helping individuals learn the benefits of zone control as well as the technical information on zone control products.

To become JSU certified, visit to begin the coursework. Once you have finished reviewing the course material for your desired exam, you are ready to begin the test. The exam consists of multiple choice questions and a passing score of 80% is required to become certified. Once you successfully pass an exam, Jackson Systems will send you a JSU Certificate and JSU Certified patch.

So why get Zone Control Certified with Jackson Systems University? Being JSU Certified is just another simple way for you to set yourself apart from the competition.Your customers will find assurance in knowing that you have been trained and certified on the installation and operation on Jackson Systems’ zone control products.

Current JSU Exams available
Comfort Systems Z-200
Comfort Systems Z-300
Comfort Systems Z-600
Comfort Systems Z-2000
Zone One

Jackson Systems is currently working on additional JSU Exams. Subscribe to The Zone Control Blog to be kept up to date on when new tests are available.

The Green Zone – Green for the planet, Green for you

The Green Zone

Zone control can make a difference for a "greener" planet.

Residential living spaces are often challenging and costly to make comfortable with basic heating and cooling systems. The U.S. Department of Energy states that the typical family spends an average of $1300 a year on utility bills, with 44 percent devoted to heating and cooling expenses. This is a large energy waste that contributes to thousands of pounds of added carbon dioxide emission per household. Homeowners are becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking for ways of reducing energy consumption.

The Green Zone is a simple, high quality and competitively priced residential and light commercial zone control system that consists of a microprocessor based logic panel that can control two zones. The system is available in single-stage, multi-stage and heat pump configurations and is designed to eliminate the 8-12 degree temperature difference that exists between upstairs and downstairs in most two story homes, or between one end and the other in ranch-style homes. The system will also improve overall space comfort and lower operating costs.

How The Green Zone Works
The Green Zone panel is the “heart” of the zone control system. It receives the temperature settings from the zone thermostats and directs the right amount of conditioned air to the proper zone at the right time.

Comfort System™ dampers regulate the air to each zone or area. The zone control panel tells the dampers whether they should be open or closed, making sure that the conditioned air is only sent where needed.

Zone thermostats act as the “command center” for controlling the zone temperatures. The Green Zone system will work with most any equipment compatible thermostat, allowing for a wide selection of choices.

Learn more by visiting The Green Zone on our website.

Read what our customers are saying about Jackson Systems

Jackson Systems' takes pride in what our customers have to say about us and we wanted to share their thoughts with you. Just read what Garrett Cook with Cook Heating & Air has to say about us!

“Jackson Systems has been an excellent partner for our company to better serve our clients.  The Zoning and Control product lines they offer along with the expertise and passion their entire staff provides, allows us to present real comfort solutions exceeding our clients’ expectations.  The peace of mind we receive knowing Jackson Systems backs all of their products with an extremely high support level of on-site training and field trouble-shooting assistance is priceless.  They even help us to further brand our company with their "Free" company logo imprinting on all of the thermostats and zone control panels we sell.  I highly recommend using Jackson Systems if you're looking for an edge over the competition in delivering the best comfort and energy savings solutions to your clients!”
 – Garrett Cook – Cook Heating & Air

Innovative Controls from Jackson Systems – right at your fingertips!

Jackson Systems manufactures some of the most innovative control products in the HVAC marketplace.  Jackson Systems' forced air control products are reliable, versatile and simple to install.  All of these products are now easily reviewed in one, convenient location.  The interactive catalog from Jackson Systems is an easy way to view what's new within their product lines.  Check out the latest products from Jackson Systems by clicking on this link:   Jackson Systems Catalog

You might be surprised at some of the opportunities to improve your clients' comfort with simple products that you may not know even existed.  Also, over the next several months, Jackson Systems will be releasing several new products.  The catalog will be updated to reflect these new additions.  Please be on the look out for notification of these releases.  You can also check back often to see the latest version of the catalog

Finally, because our interactive catalog is available online, access to the information is available 24/7.   Jackson Systems is proud to manufacture simple to install products and are happy to offer an equally easy to use resource.

Catalog Cover2

Want a marketing tip that adds profit to your company?

Thousands of contractors nationwide have found having their logo and company information imprinted on their product not only helps them with brand awareness, it leads to years of service revenue and customer loyalty.

All imprinting is done in-house under the highest quality control standards and each thermostat is imprinted in an elegant gray that provides aesthetic appeal while conveying your subliminal message.

We pay all art, setup and shipping charges and you can even mix and match models and brands. We can imprint any thermostat we sell including Comfort System, Honeywell, White-Rodgers, Aprilaire, Robertshaw, Braeburn, LUXPro, Climatouch, PECO and Pro1IAQ.

Getting started is easy! All you have to do is call our toll free number at 888-652-9663 or visit us online at to fill out the imprinting order form. Your first order ships in about two weeks and re-orders ship in 2 or 3 days.

So what are you waiting for? Call Jackson Systems today to start promoting the most important name in the HVAC industry…YOURS!

The New and Improved T-32-P

The following features have been modified on our new T-32-P version 3.0 from the past design in order to make this thermostat easier for the contractor to install and easier for the end-user to program.


8 dipswitches are easier to set and understand

  • All 8 dipswitches are factory default in the OFF position
  • Fan relay for 3 speed fan coil equipment has been eliminated
  • Heat pump or dual fuel is set using dipswitch 3
  • Single setpoint operation has been removed for 2 schedules per day
  • Minimum run time has been hard coded into the stat


Advanced installer setup menu is shorter and easier to navigate

  • 36 steps has been reduced to 18 steps
  • Keyboard lock Pin Number has been eliminated
  • Simpler options for Keyboard Lockout
  • Single setpoint features have been hidden as the stat now has separate heating and cooling set points for commercial applications
  • Simpler to understand Advanced Fan feature
  • Heat pump and dual fuel choices has been taken out of the advanced installer setup and has been hard coded into dipswitch 3
  • Easier to understand remote sensor configurations
  • Staging differentials have been hard coded into the thermostat
  • Simpler choices for heat pump operation and control


Programming the thermostat is easier than ever

  • Both 4 schedules/day and 2 schedules/day have separate heating and cooling set points
  • A two degree differential is maintained between the heating and cooling set points

For more information on Jackson Systems' T-32-P Universal Thermostat, please visit us online at or call 888-652-9663.

Jackson Systems Customer Appreciation Event 2010

We would like to thank everyone who was able to join us on Friday, May 21st for our 2010 Customer Appreciation Event. In previous years, our customer appreciation events have typically been with the Indianapolis Ice; however, this year we decided for the warmer weather and baseball! And wouldn’t you know it, the day of our event, Indianapolis was under a severe weather warning for the evening. But, by some miracle, the rain held off and eventually the sun was shining!

We’ve posted a few pictures to share with everyone – we hope you enjoy them!

To view more pictures of our Customer Appreciation Event, please visit the photos section at

To keep up to date on Jackson Systems events, visit us online at