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Zoning – It’s a Formula for Success

Steve Howard is the founder of The ACT Group, Inc. a firm that has provided No Pressure® sales training for the HVAC industry since 1986. He is also a member of the Contracting Business magazine Editorial Advisory Board and is an active speaker at various industry events across the U.S. including HVAC Comfortech. We came across his article "Zoning – It's a Formula for Success" and wanted to share his message with you. To learn how zoning can benefit you and your customers, please read Steve Howard's article "Zoning – It's a Formula for Success"

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For years, smart HVAC contractors have been using variable speed indoor equipment to provide their customers with better comfort. Besides being the right thing to do, this strategy has also helped them differentiate their companies from those selling on price alone. To avoid the crowded "lowest price wins" arena, I suggest you strongly consider adding zoning to your bag of consumer offerings. The benefits for both you and your customers can be huge.


When all things appear equal, most consumers choose to buy from the contractor who has the lowest price. To keep your company away from this downward spiral, understand two key elements consumers consider when hiring contractors today:

  • How well does the contractor understand my needs?

  • How qualified are they to do my job?

Here's where zoning comes in. If you identify problems others missed, and propose solutions they didn't offer, you're perceived as "the expert." Even if the buyer doesn't invest in zoning, there's a much better chance they'll still choose you, the expert.

A Pipeline of Future Business

Zoning provides a level of comfort few people ever expect. The more you exceed customers' expectations, the more premium quality referralsyou'll get. Over the years, delighted customers who enjoy the daily benefits of zoning could refer dozens of their comfort starved friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to you. Could Sam Walton have been talking about zoning when he said, "High expectations are the key to everything"?

Extra Profits for Extra Benefits

Rising gas prices, insurance premiums, and wages could put a stranglehold on profits if what you're selling appears similar to what competitors sell for considerably less.

With zoning, you're can charge more money for the extra benefits you offer. In some cases the profits you make on a zoning system could be twice what you'd make on an equipment-only job. Zoning also provides two of the most powerful benefits consumers want today: better comfort and lower energy bills.

Better Comfort

Zoning makes sense in almost every home. The bigger the home, the greater the opportunities for zoning. What percentage of the homes in your area have one or more of the following situations that can be corrected with zoning?

  • High internal heat loads from a hot tub, multi-burner range, home office equipment

  • Huge windows with direct solar load

  • A basement, attic, garage, or porch that's been converted to living space

  • Multiple stories or rambling ranch style home

  • One or more rooms primarily used for special occasions.

In the final analysis, zoning isn't for the home, it's for the people in it.

Energy Savings

How much energy would you waste if every light in your home was controlled by just one switch? Think about how much energy the average home wastes because each room's heating and air conditioning is controlled by one switch, the thermostat?

Consumers can save up to 25% or their heating and cooling bills with a properly designed and installed zoning system (See Chart 1).

Selling Zoning

Three things must be in place before people will buy zoning from you.

  • They must want your solution to their problems

  • Value must exceed price

  • They must be able to afford it

The easiest way to find problems that zoning can solve is to ask the homeowners. Here are some typical questions:

  • If you could design the ultimate comfort system, what would it be able to do?

  • Would you ever like to sleep in a cooler bedroom while the family watches TV in the den?

  • How important is reducing your energy bills by shutting off the heating and cooling to unoccupied rooms?

The next step is to look for zoning opportunities during the home survey.

  • Which rooms appear to be infrequently occupied?

  • What areas could be over heated by direct sunlight?

  • Is there a home office or any special use rooms?

Value Must Exceed Price

During your presentation, detail all the problems zoning can solve. The better you tie your solutions to their problems, the more zoning you'll sell! Remember, 80% of the knowledge we gain comes through our eyes. Use full color pictures and diagrams to show how zoning will provide better comfort for years to come.

More benefits means more value –the higher the value, the less important the price.

Is Zoning Affordable?

From our research on the buying habits of affluent Americans, affordability isn't just initial cost, savings over time, or monthly investment — for many the most important factor of affordability is "getting exactly what I want the first time." It's hard to go wrong when you provide customers the most comfortable home possible.

The right zoning system usually provides energy savings, which helps make it affordable. The longer people live in their home, the more affordable zoning becomes.

Give Them the Opportunity to Buy It

In the late 1920s, Henry Ford bought one of the largest life insurance policies in history. It was so large it was the subject of a front page story in the Detroit newspaper. A close friend, who was a life insurance salesman, called Ford and asked, "Henry, why didn't you buy that new policy from me?" Without hesitation Ford replied, "You never asked." The biggest reason more zoning isn't sold is that the customer wasn't asked to buy it. It was never offered.

Zoning may be the most overlooked opportunity in the HVAC industry today. It does require an investment of new technical skills and advanced sales training on your part, but this investment can pay monster dividends for years to come.

To find out more about Steve's No Pressure sales process, please visit Steve can also be reached at:


Wiring three SL-2000 Smoke Detectors to one audible alarm

In some applications you may need to wire three (3) SL-2000 smoke detectors to one (1) audible alarm or strobe. This is easily accomplished in three (3) steps.

  • Power all the smoke detectors by the same power supply
  • Wire the smoke detectors together for common alarm shutdown
  • Wire the alarm to one of the smoke detectors.

Powering all of the smoke detectors by the same common power supply is the first step. This ensures that whenever one of the alarm trips you will open the circuit, interrupting voltage supply to the fan. Power to the detectors is given to the detectors by terminals 9 and 10. Shutting the fan down is typically done by using terminals 7 and 18 on any of the smoke detectors.

Wiring the smoke detectors together for common alarm shutdown is needed so that when one smoke detector goes into alarm, all of the smoke detectors will go into alarm. This is accomplished with the SL-2000 by using terminals 12 (alarm link +) and 20 (Aux power out +). Wire all three terminal 12’s in series. Then wire all there terminal 20’s in series.

Now all three smoke detectors are wired for common alarm shutdown.

Lastly wire the alarm to any one of the smoke detectors. Wire terminal 17(NO alarm contact) to the positive wire of the horn or strobe. Wire terminal 19 (Aux power out – ) to the negative wire of the horn or strobe. Place a jumper wire between terminal 20 (aux power out +) and terminal 6 (Common alarm contact).

Following these three steps will ensure that when any one of your smoke detectors trips, the fan will shut down and your audible or visual alarm will go off.


For more information about Jackson Systems or the SL-2000 Smoke Detectors, visit us at or call 888-652-9663.

PRO1 IAQ wireless thermostat (T955W) and remote sensors (R251W & R250W)

  • T955W consists of a thermostat and a control module
    • The stat can be wireless if used without any remote sensors
    • The stat must be hardwired if used with any remote sensors
    • The stat and indoor sensors are touch screen
    • 3heat/2 cool heat pump(duel fuel or conv) or 2heat/2cool conventional
    • The distance between the stat and the module can be 50 feet in standard residential construction.
    • 7 day programmable or non programmable, auto-changeover
    • Has a light button on the top of the stat
    • Easy two step communication link.  Press one button on the module then press and hold the light button on the stat.
    • The stat has high and low set point limits.
    • Keypad lockout
    • There are 30 advanced setup menu features.  Four to be aware of:
      • Outdoor sensor(y/n), remote sensor(y/n), finding sensor(1-4), local temp sensor(y-enables stat sensor/n-disables local sensor)
    • Has programmable fan feature for any event (on or auto)


  • R251W remote sensor-wireless indoor
    • Battery powered
    • Maximum of 4 remote indoor sensors to a stat
    • The distance between the remote sensor and the thermostat can be 50 feet in standard residential construction.
    • To link the remote sensor to the thermostat, you need to have the thermostat in the “Finding Sensors” step of the advanced installer setup menu.  Then select the zone you wish to connect for that remote.  Make sure the remote sensor has the same zone number.  Then hold the light button on the remote sensor to connect.
    • A remote sensor can be used to override the T955W set point.
    • The remote sensor can be in sensor mode only which displays the temperature at the sensor and the stat.
    • The remote sensor can be used for averaging
    • The remote sensor can have high and low setpoint limits.
    • There is no permanent hold on the R251W(it will override for 4 hours) but you can select a permanent hold from the T955W
    • You can program a residential schedule of wake, leave, return to be controlled by the master stat and then the sleep schedule to be controlled by a remote sensor.


  • R250W remote sensor –wireless outdoor
    • Displays outdoor temperature
    • Outdoor sensor ‘yes’ must be selected in stat’s installer menu
    • Can be used to set a balance point for duel fuel
    • One balance only.  A temperature above this balance point will only allow Y to energize.  A temperature below this balance point will only allow W to energize.

For more information about the PRO1 IAQ wireless thermostat and remote sensors, please visit us online at

TrueDRY Dehumidifiers Now R410-A Compliant

Meet EPA Compliance with Every Model

All Honeywell Whole-House Dehumidifiers – TrueDRY DR65, DR90, and DH150 – now utilize environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant and conform to EPA standars for refrigerants. So, along with offering you a complete selection to meet the dehumidification needs of any size home, Honeywell also has you covered as EPA regulations take hold. That is peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Copper prices are up to the their highest levels in more than a year

As many of you know, copper prices have continued to rise.  As we have seen before, when copper prices are up, so is copper theft.  If copper theft is a problem in your area, please consider protecting your investment with a Warning Watchdog, the complete condensing unit protection security system. The Warning Watchdog can protect up to 4 split systems of RTU’s with one control panel.

Below is a graph showing the price of copper in the last year ending April 10, 2010.

To learn more about Jackson SystemsWarning Watchdog, please visit us online or call 888-652-9663.

ecobee Smart Thermostats now available at Jackson Systems

2010 was the third year in a row that Jackson Systems was proud to sponsor "I've Got an Idea" at the ACCA Conference — a unique meeting where contractors learn from the REAL experts, other contractors!

Since you might not have made it to the ACCA Conference this year, we wanted to tell you about one really big idea that was talked about during the session…the ecobee Smart Thermostat. Jackson Systems is excited to offer the ecobee Smart Thermostat to progressive, licensed contractors across North America. 

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is an internet-enabled thermostat that features simple touch screen programming. A wireless internet connection allows the customer to remotely monitor and control the thermostat from a personalized web portal or even from an iPhone app. This makes saving energy and money easy. The ecobee Smart Thermostat also allows your clients to be more "green" and helps them reduce their environmental impact.

You can check out a live demo of the ecobee Smart Thermostat on our website at Then please contact us at 888-652-9663 to place an order.

Make this big idea pay big dividends for your company as you provide superior comfort and savings for your clients — and increase your profits.

Honeywell DR65 Dehumidifier

As we start to enter the summer months, contractors will turn their focus from humidification to dehumidification. Honeywell has made a change to their dehumidification lineup. The new DR65 dehumidifier has replaced the DH65 dehumidifier.

Honeywell started shipping the DR65 Dehumidifiers the first of the year.

There are two main differences between the DH65 and the DR65.

The DH65 contained the refrigerant R22

The DR65 contains the refrigerant R410A

The R410A refrigerant is replacing R22 through out the industry thus the change in model numbers.

The second main difference is that the old DH65 could only allow duct work to go straight through.  The DR65 has a rotating connection that allows for a 90 degree discharge from the supply duct.

For more information, please contact Jackson Systems at 888-652-9663 or online at

NATE Certified – Green Zone Training at Jackson Systems

NATE Certified Continuing Education


Send all of your technicians and sales staff to learn about…

  • Our Green Zone Panels (Z-200, Z-300, Z-600)
  • Features and Benefits of each system
  • Selection, Installation and Testing
  • Zone Panel Accessories
  • Selection and Installation of Bypass Dampers
  • Benefits of zoning
  • How to sell zoning to your clients

Earn Two(2) Credit Hours towards your NATE Continuing Education


Training Information

Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Place: Jackson Systems
5418 Elmwood Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
*Dinner Provided

RSVP: Please click here to be redirected to the RSVP Form.
* All attendees will need to bring their NATE ID Number with them to training in order to receive credit for the class.

Phone: 317-788-6800
Toll-Free: 888-652-9663
Fax: 317-227-1034