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Using the T-32-P for dual fuel applications without an outdoor balance sensor

The T-32-P stat can handle duel fuel without a balance point sensor.

The second stage heat (gas heat with a single stage compressor) or third stage heat (gas heat with a two stage compressor) will come on and compressor will be locked out when the thermostat calls for additional stages of heat.

 For 2 heat / 1 cool or 3 heat / 2 cool applications follow the outline below.

Switch settings:
1 = OFF (Single Speed Fan)
2 = ON (Heat Pump)
3 = ON (Multi-stage)
4 = ON or OFF (Reversing Valve)
5 = ON or OFF (Short cycle)
6 = ON or OFF (Programmable or Non-programmable)
7 = ON or OFF (Minimum Run Time)
8 = ON (4 schedules per day)

Installer settings
Symbol     Set To:
H3             FF (Y is locked out when W2 relay is energized)
TT             RS (No remote sensor)

Jackson Systems New T-32-P Thermostat

Jackson Systems, LLC has developed and now launched a new universal thermostat called the Comfort System™ T-32-P. The new thermostat is compatible with residential and commercial HVAC systems and is ideally suited for use with Jackson Systems Green Zone® zone control systems. The T-32-P works with single stage, multi-stage, conventional heat pump and dual fuel systems that have up to 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling.


The thermostat is loaded with features including multiple level keypad lockouts, adjustable temperature limits, and freeze protection. The T-32-P can be configured as a non-programmable or 7-day programmable model. Other features include manual or auto changeover, optimized start, smart fan operation, pin number protection for advanced installer settings, and filter monitoring. The thermostat can be used with an indoor remote sensor or sensors for temperature averaging or an outdoor sensor that based on installer setup, can be used for outdoor temperature display, high and low balance point for dual fuel applications or as an outdoor limit to control heating and cooling.  With over thirty advanced installer selections, the T-32-P is the perfect thermostat for custom applications. All of these features are contained in an attractive, low profile design with a large backlit display. The product has a 5 year warranty and Jackson Systems can also private-label the thermostat with the contractor’s logo and contact number.


The T-32-P is aggressively priced.  When stocked on a service truck, it provides a universal thermostat replacement that eliminates having to leave the jobsite to procure a thermostat for the specific application. This saves time and money.  Jackson Systems also prides itself on technical support which means that we answer the phone immediately and provide our customers with professional assistance on all of our products.  Higher productivity and efficiency, higher profit margins, manufacturer support, and around the clock marketing with your logo equals greater profit for you and your company.  Order your Comfort System™ T-32-P thermostat today by calling 888-652-9663.


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Zone Control – The Value-Engineered Option to DDC

Forced air zoning is no longer a niche market, but plays a major part in energy conservation and improved comfort in the workplace and home.  HVAC control comes in many different configurations depending on the size and complexity of the application. Commercial modulating zone control systems and direct digital controls (DDC) are two options for zoning commercial buildings. 


DDC can add more flexibility to an HVAC system by allowing an operator to control and adjust a system from a local or remote computer, as well as having system alarming capabilities. The operator can change set points for conditions such as air and water temperature and time schedules.  This flexibility and control comes with an added cost of additional sensors, wires, transmitters, work stations, labor and other components of DDC.  Commissioning DDC systems often require factory-trained staff that adds additional costs to the project. 


On the other hand, commercial modulating zone control systems such as Jackson Systems Z-2000, 20 zone, fully modulating system, can be a great value- engineered option to DDC controls.  The basic principle of operation for a modulating zone control system is to allow a single HVAC system to be controlled by multiple thermostats strategically placed in areas called zones.  The conditioned air entering each zone is controlled by a zone damper located in a main supply trunk line or multiple dampers located in branch runs.  The operation of the zone thermostats and zone dampers are controlled by a zone panel which provides the proper logic to energize the HVAC system in the proper mode of operation as well as controlling the zone damper position based on each zone thermostat’s demand for heating, cooling or ventilation.  Modulating zone control systems do not require the additional sensors, wires, work stations and labor that a DDC system requires, thus lowering the initial capital expenditure and continued maintenance expenses.  Typically modulating zone systems do not require a laptop to setup up, so specialized factory training is not needed. 


The incredible initial cost savings in material and labor that a modulating zone control system has over a DDC system should be considered when engineering any HVAC project.  If you would like more information regarding Jackson Systems Z-2000, 20 zone, fully modulating zoning system please email or call us at 1-888-652-9663 and ask to speak with someone in inside sales.


By Mike Holscher

Inside Sales Engineer

Jackson Systems, LLC

Z-2000 Commercial Zone Control Training


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Honeywell dual fuel wireless FocusPRO thermostats

The Honeywell wireless FocusPRO thermostats are now dual fuel enabled.  Today’s energy conscience consumers are requesting more heat pump and geothermal systems for their homes.  Honeywell’s new wireless FocusPRO thermostats are now able to control these systems due to their dual fuel capability.  The kit contains all the features of the first generation of wireless stats with the thermostat, equipment interface module, discharge air sensor, and now it includes the remote wireless outdoor sensor.  This package can eliminate the need for an external fossil fuel kit, eliminates the running of wires to the thermostat and the outdoor sensor and an optional no balance point for use with geothermal systems or it can be used as a balance point with air to air heat pump equipment.  The models that have dual fuel capability will have a sticker on the product packaging stating “Now with Dual Fuel, requires outdoor sensor C7089R1013”.  The thermostat can either be ordered as a nonprogrammable or a programmable thermostat.

Honeywell TrueSteam Installation Best Practices

Honeywell has a new piece of literature, their “TrueSteam Installation Best Practices” Service Bulletin.   This is an excellent piece of literature that Honeywell has produced and can be used as a supplement to the TrueSteam Installation manual. The service bulletin is 18 pages long and is broken up into 3 sections.  The three sections cover remote installation, plumbing and draining, and water quality.  The remote installation section covers best practices when using the remote mounting kit.  This first section includes hints on length, hose support, and components.  The plumbing and draining section has twelve (12) detailed drawings that show different plumbing best practices.  These drawings will cover most of the different plumbing applications that a contractor might encounter. The last section, discusses water quality.  The TrueSteam is designed with the end user in mind, automatically flushing itself during operation to dilute mineral concentration in the tank, which reduces the amount of scaling and sedimentation.  This section discusses water quality and offers suggestions and options for peak performance for both the contractor and the end user.  Feel free to call Jackson Systems at 1-888-652-9663 or email us at and request a copy of the new “TrueSteam Installation Best Practices” service bulletin.