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Jackson Systems Welcomes New Employee

(Indianapolis, IN) – Jackson Systems, LLC, an Indiana-based, award-winning HVAC manufacturer and wholesaler, welcomes James Deckard to their custom controls team.

As a project manager, James will be overseeing complete temperature control projects including securing and overseeing electrical subcontractors, serving as a direct customer contact on job site issues and trainings, and programming on complex chilled water, hot water and air handling systems.

About James Deckard:

James has sixteen years experience in the HVAC industry. He has a certificate of completion in Electronics Engineering Technology from the Bedford North Lawrence Vocational/Training Center. James is also NATE certified and RSES certified.

Prior to joining Jackson Systems, LLC, James worked at Shelby Air Conditioning & Heating as a service tech.  James lives in Shelbyville with his wife and two year old daughter.

About Jackson Systems:

Through our mission to provide the best quality and most contractor-friendly control products and service in the industry, we work each day to deliver excellence. Founded in 1997, Jackson Systems today is celebrated as one of the fastest growing companies in Indiana. Jackson Systems serves customers worldwide as a leading direct-to-contractor zone control manufacturer and distributor.

Combining the skills of our talented technical engineers and the customer service support of our sales team, Jackson Systems sets the standard from creating contractor-friendly products and available support teams to help our customers achieve success. Jackson Systems is the direct choice for simple controls. For formal quotes, design assistance or additional information, visit or call 888-652-9663.

Help a Hoosier

The Indianapolis Colts have launched the “Help a Hoosier…and then some” campaign to help strengthen our community and empower Hoosiers to create change by engaging in random acts of kindness across Indiana. This can be as simple as giving a friend a ride to work or offering support to someone who just lost their job. To help kick off the campaign, the Colts have teamed up with Gleaner’s Food Bank to host a Help a Hoosier Canned Food Drive on Friday, March 20th, on Monument Circle from 11am to 1pm. Visit the Colts website to find out more.

Air Products and Controls Training Event

Send all your technicians and sales staff to learn about…

  • Smoke, its effects and control within the HVAC environment
  • Where, why and how duct smoke detectors are required and used
  • Proper selection, installation, testing and maintenance
  • Available resources for smoke detectors

Training Information

Date:            Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Place:          Jackson Systems
                   5418 Elmwood Avenue
                   Indianapolis, IN 46203

Time:           5:00pm to 7:30pm
                   Dinner Provided

RSVP:        Please RSVP with Doug Engel and indicate name(s) and email(s) of who will be attending from your company

Phone:        317-788-6800
Toll-Free:     888-652-9663
Fax:            317-227-1034

The Z-600

The Comfort System™ Z-600™ is a versatile 6 zone control board for residential and commercial zoning applications.  The system can be expanded to as many as 12 zones by adding 3-zone expansion panels.  The Z-600™ can be used with single stage, multi-stage or heat pump equipment up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cool.  The panel also has a built in duel capability to handle your challenging heat pump with fossil fuel auxiliary heat applications.  Simple slide switch configuration allows a wide range of system setup and control options best suited for each zoning application.  The Z-600™ is a position zone control system that can accommodate two wire or 3 wire dampers.  Additional features include fuse protected inputs and outputs, easy-to-read and access wiring terminals, LED status indication of all system functions, time delay override, adjustable on-board limits, outdoor balance point control for duel fuel applications, and selectable ventilation and purge modes.  Capacity control can also stage equipment based on the number of zones calling.

Zone One Stand Alone Zone Damper

Zone One™ is a control damper that is designed to solve over-heating and over-cooling problems.  Zone One™ consists of a thermostat and a factory wired damper or diffuser that contains an actuator, control module, and duct sensor.  The duct sensor senses whether there is warm air (above 72F) or cool air (below 72F) in the branch supply duct.  If the Zone One™ thermostat is calling for cooling and the duct sensor senses cool air in the duct the damper will open.  Otherwise the damper will remain closed.  If the Zone One™ thermostat is calling for heating and the duct sensor senses warm air in the duct the damper will open.  Otherwise the damper will remain closed.  One thing to keep in mind in using a Zone One™ is to not install a Zone One™ thermostat and damper assembly in the area where the equipment space thermostat is located.  The Zone One™ is an inexpensive yet powerful solution to overheating or overcooling problems in commercial buildings.

Berkeley Lab Analysis Finds Reduced Cooling and Heating May Improve Health

New research suggests that operating buildings in ways designed to save energy may also improve the health of the occupants. Researchers analyzed data from 95 air conditioned office buildings across the United States. The research showed that buildings operating more efficiently could have a positive impact on the comfort and health of the occupants.

Click here to read the full article.

What New Products Will Make a Difference? Ask Reps, Distributors and Contractors by Jack Sine

          Sometimes it’s the contractor who discovers the innovative product. Driven by frustration with products that are difficult to install or don’t perform as advertised, a diligent contractor often makes it his job to identify the latest product that will make his job easier and his client content.

          Tony Berlin is with Day Star Services in Franklin, Indiana and he has found an affordable zone control system that represents a huge improvement in zone control for both contractors and end users.

          “In this economy, its affordable products that people want to see,” said Berlin. “If the same product offers significant benefits on top of price, that’s even better. That’s what we’ve recently found with the Green Zone Z-300 made by Jackson Systems. It eliminates numerous problems common with the old diode relay systems and introduces several features not found in other microprocessor controlled three-zone systems.

          “We’ve already installed three systems and they’re a snap to put in. All you need is an outdoor air sensor and a discharge air sensor and you’re good to go. One of the installations was in a commercial building that had a two-stage outdoor unit and fossil fuel combustion equipment for the second stage. The Green Zone board fit right to it. With other boards you need interfaces that you don’t need with this one.”

          There are several other advantages to the Green Zone Z-300.

          “We set out to design a system that would be affordable, practical for both residential and commercial, and would eliminate many of the problems associated with older three-zone systems,” said Phil Kimble, product development manager for Jackson Systems. “We focused on a three-zone system because it offers an affordable solution in a tough economy.”

          The Z-300-HPS has a built-in fossil fuel kit, making even sophisticated systems simple to install and control.  It is as easy as flipping a switch on the panel and using the adjustable outdoor sensor to control both the heat pump and fossil fuel furnace.

There is also an independent ventilation mode that allows simple ventilation of filtered and/or humidified air to be circulated to any or all zones in a “fan only” setting.

          “I particularly like the time-share capability,” said Berlin. “If opposite calls take place, one for heating the other for cooling, an internal timer starts and, if a call lasts more than 20 minutes, the board switches to the other call. This is particularly effective in commercial applications where someone may attempt to “hog” control by setting the thermostat too high or too low. This way everyone is comfortable and we don’t receive complaints.”        

The Z-300 Green Zone from Jackson Systems did a wonderful job of offering a cost effective solution for our clients’ zoning needs while providing a level of innovation found in more expensive models.  In this economy, the Z-300 Green Zone provides a great value proposition for a competitive price. 


Honeywell TrueSteam Humidification Reference Guide

Honeywell has a new piece of literature, their “TrueSteam Humidification Reference guide”.  Their form number for this guide is 50-1276.  This is one of the best pieces of literature I have seen come out of Honeywell.  The booklet is 26 pages long and is broken up into 4 sections.  The four sections cover sizing, operating costs, selection, and wiring.  The sizing section covers humidity load requirements and different home construction types.  The operating costs section has several tables including one that shows home size and humidity needed and then compares these to different types of humidifiers including the TrueSteam.  The selection section talks about selecting the right TrueSteam for your application.  Finally my favorite section is the wiring section.  The wiring section is broken down into commonly asked wiring questions followed by some new wiring diagrams that show the actual pictures of the different controllers and the wire the true steam and the HVAC equipment as well as the wireless TrueSteam.

Feel free to call Jackson Systems or email Mike Holscherto request a copy of the new “TrueSteam Humidification Reference guide”.

NATE Certified Honeywell Training


Training Information

Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Place: Jackson Systems

5418 Elmwood Avenue


Indianapolis, IN 46203



Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Dinner provided

RSVP: Please RSVP with Doug Engel and indicate name(s) and email(s) of who will be attending from your company.

Phone: 317-788-6800

Toll-free: 888-652-9663

Fax: 317-227-1034