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Federal Housing Tax Credit

President Obama’s new stimulus bill contained an $8,000 tax credit for all new home buyers. Unlike the previous tax credit, the $8,000 does not have to be repaid.  The Federal Housing Tax Credit is to motivate first-time home buyers to by now.

The NAHB has created an easy-to-use website that explains details of the credit and how it works. For more information, please visit

Jackson Systems’ Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors are a crucial control in any commercial building for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts.  They are designed to prevent the recirculation or spread of smoke by air handling equipment, fans, or blowers.  These systems can be shut down in the event of smoke detection.  Smoke detectors usually come as ionization or photoelectric detectors.  Jackson Systems smoke detectors have output terminals to provide access to remote accessories such as horns, strobes, remote status indicators, and test/reset key switches.  Some of the features of the smoke detectors that Jackson Systems stock is:


-Low Flow Technology

-Connect up to 30 units for common functions

-front or rear loading and removing of sampling tubes

-sampling tube sizes of 2.5ft, 5ft, or 10ft

-Testing of smoke detector without cover removal

-“No-Tools required” for installation

-Easy wiring and installation

-Flashing LED on head indicates normal operation. 


The smoke detectors that we have in stock are UL & CUL listed, CSFM listed, and MEA accepted.

Night Setback

Some customers, especially commercial customers, will want to use a night thermostat to set back all the zones in a zoning system to allow for occupied and unoccupied temperature scheduling of the building.

The components needed are a night thermostat, a 7-day time clock, and an override timer. Occupied and unoccupied scheduling can be accomplished with most zoning systems by interrupting the “R wire” between the zone control panel and the equipment. Other zoning system control boards like a Jackson Systems’ Z-2000 have terminals built into the boards for these connections. The time clock is set to open the equipment control circuit at night which will lower temperature in the case of heating (and raise the temperature in the case of cooling) to the set point on the night thermostat. The override timer is used to override the night thermostat and give control back to the zone control system.

As for wiring of the components, this depends on the control board used.  The time clock, night thermostat, and override timer must be in parallel.  Either the board must accomplish this, so you will see a separate terminal for each device, or you must physically wire the three devices in parallel.

Using these components will allow for even greater energy savings for the customer.

Honeywell Prestige Thermostat

Sometimes a Homeowner will want to change the backlight on the new Honeywell Prestige thermostat, The steps are easy. They should press menu button, then press the preferences button, then press the backlight button..
They can now select a number from 1-10(the factory default is 5), 10 being the brightest setting while 1 being no backlight. If you have no backlight and then press the screen the screen will light up (it lights up to the full 10 setting). The screen will stay lit for 45 seconds after the last time the screen is touched.

Economic Stimulus Package Contains HVAC Tax Credits

The final stimulus package passed by Congress on February 13 includes several tax provisions for HVACR equipment. There were some changes made to the equipment that will qualify for credits.

When President Obama signs the American Recovery and Revitalization Act of 2009 into law tomorrow, homeowners will have a significant tax incentive to make improvements to the overall energy efficiency of their homes, including their HVAC systems.

The new law will allow homeowners to claim 30% of the costs (up to a $1,500 limit) for the installation of higher efficiency furnaces and boilers, air source heat pumps, central air conditioners, and hot water heaters in tax years 2009 and 2010. The previous tax credits were limited to $300 for central air conditioners and heat pumps and $150 for furnaces and boilers.

The final package as passed by Congress contains changes to the equipment that qualifies for these tax credits, including an increase in the minimum SEER level for central air conditioners and a decrease in the minimum AFUE level for boilers. There were also changes to the heap pump standards.

“Surveys show that homeowners want to install higher efficiency appliances but the higher investment costs have always been a barrier,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA President & CEO. “These tax credits help shorten the payback period and allow homeowners to benefit from lower utility costs and increased comfort, all while consuming fewer fossil fuels.”


– Article provided by Air Conditioning Contractors of America

The Green Zone: Z-300

The Green Zone Z-300 is a residential / light commercial zone control system that allows a single HVAC unit to have up to three separate zones.  The Green Zone Z-300 comes in 2 different models.  The Z-300-HC-MS used for single stage or multistage equipment and the Z-300-HPS used for heat pumps.  The benefits to the customer of using the Green Zone Z-300 are:


    -Improves overall temperature control

    -Better control of individual areas

    -Reduces utility bills

    -Conserves Energy

    -Reduces installation costs

    -Reduces maintenance costs


The Green Zone is easy to install and setup with dedicated terminals for thermostat inputs and HVAC outputs.  This family of panels is Auto changeover – First Call Priority – Time share.  Zone ventilation is established by the individual zone thermostat fan settings.  The high and low limits are controlled by a single discharge air sensor.  The Z-300-HPS can be used with an outdoor temperature sensor for balance point on dual fuel applications. System status LEDs are used on the panel to facilitate system startup, checkout, and troubleshooting.  The Green Zone Z-300-HPS has an incredible 10 year warranty. Help the environment by installing the Green Zone Z-300 today.