Month: July 2008

Jackson Systems Announces TK-400 Universal Twinning/Paralleling Kit

Jackson Systems, LLC, an Indiana-based, award-winning HVAC manufacturer and wholesaler, announces the TK-400 Universal Twinning/Paralleling Kit. The TK-400 is designed to allow a single thermostat to control two separate HVAC units. The TK-400 can also be expanded to control a total of four HVAC units. “We saw a need among our clients for a simple […]

Triac switching or power stealing thermostats used with the Z-200 series of zone control panels

Contractors sometimes ask if they can use any thermostat with our new Z-200 Green Zone.  Most thermostats will work great with these panels, especially thermostats that use relay switching; however, we need to be aware of power stealing thermostats and some thermostats that use triac switching.  One example of a thermostat that uses triac switching […]

Balancing a Zoned System

The article below was written by Rob Falke, president of the National Comfort Institute, and was featured in the Contracting Business e-newsletter.  Balancing a Zoned SystemBy Rob Falke Although the process for balancing a zoned system is similar to that of a constant volume system, balancing a zoned system can present a separate set of […]

Barometric Bypass Damper

A question that comes up frequently when quoting zone control systems is, why and when do I need a bypass damper?  As the individual zone dampers close, the system static pressure will tend to rise.  In order to maintain constant airflow through the HVAC system, a barometric damper can be used to bypass some of […]