Month: May 2008

Retro Damper

A low cost retrofit zone damper makes it easy for you to quickly add zone control to an existing home. No more having to remove a section of duct to install a round zone damper. A Retro Damper allows you to cut a slot in the duct and slide it in. The Retro Damper uses […]

Compare/Contrast a White Rodgers 195-391 and a Honeywell IAQ on how they each handle dehumidification using the air conditioner as the dehumidifier.

White Rodgers-1F95-391The 1F95-391 has one terminal labeled DHM for Dehumidification control. If you have a single stage compressor system a SPDT relay (provide by the customer) is needed to switch the fan speed to the next lower speed on a call for dehumidification from the thermostat. If you have a two stage compressor, the thermostat […]

Join us at Comfortech 2008

Join us at Comfortech 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, September 10-13. This annual show always delivers great information and business ideas for all of us in the HVAC Industry. This year’s seminar topics range from Green products and issues, to business management ideas and the best ways to get the most bang out of your marketing […]