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Free Customized Honeywell Literature

You now have the option to customize Honeywell literature with your own logo and up to three lines of wording about your company.  This is a great option if you want to give the Honeywell literature out to your clients.  It helps your clients have a quick and easy way to contact your company about their Honeywell products.  To learn more about how to customize your own Honeywell literature, please contact for training.  The process is quick, easy and FREE! 

Jackson Systems Receives 20th Best Place to Work in Indiana

The Indiana Chamber announced rankings for all 66 companies that made the Best Places to Work in Indiana list at an awards dinner at the Indiana Roof Ballroom attended by 800 Hoosier businesspeople.  Names of companies on the list had been released February 25.  The 2008 program was presented by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

The honorees were determined through employer reports and comprehensive employee surveys, with winners selected in two categories: small to medium-sized companies of between 25 and 249 employees, and large-sized companies consisting of 250 or more employees.  Out-of-state parent companies were eligible to participate if at least 25 full-time employees are in Indiana.

The Best Companies Group has overseen similar programs in 18 other states.  ModernThink, LLC, a workplace excellence consulting firm, handled the selection process.  The basis for this initiative is Fortune magazine’s noted "100 Best Places to Work for" list.

Jackson Systems was given the award for the 20th best place to work in Indiana. 

After the award was received, Tom Jackson, CEO was featured in the Biz Voice magazine of the Indiana Chamber to give guidance on small companies with big goals.  You can read the article here.

Thermostat Imprinting or Private Label thermostats

Thermostat imprinting gets your company logo, name and phone number professionally printed on the thermostat.  We do not use a label; we use the same stamping technology that is used to apply the manufacturer’s name. The results are first class, attractive, and cannot be peeled or wiped off. 

How it works:
We can imprint any brand of thermostat we sell.
Thermostats are imprinted at our location.
Ink color is an elegant grey to match the manufacturer’s printing.
Company logos can be printed in addition to your name and phone number.
The printable area of most thermostats is 5/8” high and 1 ½” wide.  ½” high and 1” wide for smaller imprint area thermostats.
Your first order will take approximately 3 days.  Reorders are shipped in 1 day.

Visit for more information

Retro Damper

A low cost retrofit zone damper makes it easy for you to quickly add zone control to an existing home. No more having to remove a section of duct to install a round zone damper. A Retro Damper allows you to cut a slot in the duct and slide it in. The Retro Damper uses 18 gauge thermostat wire and will work with almost any zone control panel. The Retro Damper is a powered open powered closed damper and come in the following sizes: 5”, 6” 7” 8”, 9”, and 10”.

Compare/Contrast a White Rodgers 195-391 and a Honeywell IAQ on how they each handle dehumidification using the air conditioner as the dehumidifier.

White Rodgers-1F95-391
The 1F95-391 has one terminal labeled DHM for Dehumidification control.

If you have a single stage compressor system a SPDT relay (provide by the customer) is needed to switch the fan speed to the next lower speed on a call for dehumidification from the thermostat.

If you have a two stage compressor, the thermostat software will lengthen cycle times for the first stage of cool.  The longer cycles will improve dehumidification while cooling.  The dehumidification terminal will not be used on a two stage compressor system.

Honeywell IAQ
The IAQ has two terminals labeled DHM 1 and DHM 2 for dehumidification control.

If you have a single stage compressor system, setting installer parameter number 379 as option 1-Dehumidify with Air conditioning, uses the DHM 1 terminal as a normally closed relay to wire to a low speed fan terminal.

If you have a two stage compressor system you will field jumper DHM 1 and R at the thermostat sub-base.  Then connect DHM 2 to low fan speed terminal on air handler for dehumidification with air conditioner and a low fan speed.

You can set the IAQ Dehumidification Droop Control feature to allow the air conditioner to run longer than simply cooling the house, 1, 2, or 3 degrees below the set point.

The two thermostats should be able to handle the same applications as far as dehumidification is concerned.  Both stats can handle single stage or multi stage compressors and they both can run the cooling for longer periods of time.

Join us at Comfortech 2008


Join us at Comfortech 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, September 10-13. This annual show always delivers great information and business ideas for all of us in the HVAC Industry. This year’s seminar topics range from Green products and issues, to business management ideas and the best ways to get the most bang out of your marketing dollars. Sign up early and you’ll get a special gift from Service Roundtable.

Warning Watchdog featured on WFAA Dallas/Fort Worth newscast

The article below was featured on the WFAA newscast on Jackson Systems’ Warning Watchdog:

New technology sounds off on copper thieves


HASLET – As North Texans start firing up their air conditioners this spring, more and more have found their cool breeze has been taken away by copper thieves.

Copper thieves have become such a nuisance, it has led to a new kind of technology created to keep them away.

While sweltering heat hasn’t hit yet, that hasn’t slowed things down for air-conditioning repairmen, who have kept busy fixing units stripped by thieves.

The Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church was hit by thieves four times. The church has had three break-in attempts and one actuall break-in. They have also dished out thousands to replace expensive air conditioning condensing coils, which thieves steal and sell for cash.

Now, the church is installing a first-of-its kind system to protect in hopes they won’t be hit again. The hooked up alarm sounds loudly, and can tie into existing security systems. It is set off for multiple reasons, including a loss of power or a hard jolt.

"Anything that can notify us or alert us, whether it’s an alarm or a device that can get us out there to the scene before they’re finished, is going to be beneficial to us," said Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse, with the Dallas Police Department, on the new technology.

Insurance companies haven’t yet caught on. News 8 couldn’t find any discounts on policies for the anti-theft device.

"It’s the same thing as your truck or your house or whatever," said Gerald Bennet, an administrator for Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church. "I f you can prevent a seven or eight, ten thousand dollar [unit] from being stolen, and only have to spend a few hundred dollars to do that, that’s money in the bank. Insurance companies ought to be publicizing this themselves."

Catch our new webinar series on zone control

We are excited to announce our launch of a webinar series on zone control. This valuable web-based workshop will help you learn about zoning, information on a couple specific products and will help you learn how to grow your business by selling zone control.

The Z-200, The Green Zone, webinar will take place Wednesday, May 14th, 2 p.m. eastern time. Learn how this new 2-zone zone control panel and system will help you save money and energy!

The Z-2000 for light commercial and residential use will take place Tuesday, May 20th at 2 p.m. eastern time.

Just contact us to reserve your spot on the Webinar!