Month: December 2007

Santa Watchdog

Never miss Santa again!  Keep track of Santa this year with the Santa Watchdog™ The Santa Watchdog™ is an alarm system that monitors your roof, windows, doors and fireplace. WhenSanta finally arrives on Christmas Eve, the Santa Watchdog™ sounds an extremely loud siren and can also trigger an alarm, phone dialer or any other security […]

The Main Components of a Zoning System

Several companies manufacture HVAC Zone Control products in the residential market. These products may have some differences in their bells and whistles but they all contain the same major components when it comes to residential zoning. Most residential zoning is zoned into 2 or 3 zones. Control Panel– Every zone control system requires a control […]

Barometric Bypass damper

A question that comes up frequently when quoting zone control systems is, why and when do I need a bypass damper?  As the individual zone dampers close, the system static pressure will tend to rise.  In order to maintain constant airflow through the HVAC system, a barometric damper can be used to bypass some of […]

Using a programmable thermostat for occupied and unoccupied scheduling

A Honeywell TB7220U CommercialProTM programmable thermostat can be used for occupied and unoccupied scheduling of a Jackson Systems’ Z-2000 Comfort System.  When wired and configured properly this thermostat can take the place of a separate 7-day clock, night thermostat, and override timer.The thermostat’s “G” fan output is used to open and close the Clock Contacts […]