Month: October 2007

Series vs. Parallel Circuits

Electrical components can be wired together in one of two ways: series or parallel.A series circuit is a single path for current through all of its components.A parallel circuit is a different path for current through each of its components. You will run into these two circuits in a HVAC zone control system or any […]

Jackson Systems, LLC Launches First Contractor-Direct Zone Control

Indianapolis, IN – Jackson Systems, LLC, an Indiana-based, award-winning HVAC manufacturer and wholesaler, announces the launch of the first zone control eCommerce Website for HVAC contractors. The site,, provides comprehensive resources for HVAC contractors wanting to buy zone control products online. “We are offering a platform for busy contractors to do business ‘after hours’ […]

Preparing for the winter cold

With winter just around the corner, property managers should to be aware of the risk of freezing pipes and water damage caused by tenants who turn the thermostat off when vacating or leaving their home for an extended period of time. This problem alone can lead to thousands of dollars in costly maintenance and renovation […]

The evolution of zone control

Zone control for residential and commercial applications has been in use since man figured out that heat generated from a fireplace or stove could be controlled within a given space by simply opening and closing doors, windows or ceiling grates. With the advent of forced air ducted central heating systems and later air conditioning, zoning […]