111 tips to help your business become more profitable

One of our great industry friends, John Hall, has published a new book about the HVAC industry.  As many of you know John is the Business Editor for The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News (www.achrnews.com). His new book is titled Profit Tips 1.1.1. and includes 111 tips to help your business become more profitable. Each tip is endorsed and ‘embellished’ by 111 real-life contractors who have added their names because they believe in them and John thinks you will too.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

TIP #21

     Cheaters never prosper – unless they use cheat sheets. Or should I rephrase that and say – because they use cheat sheets. We all know about cheat sheets. Kids use them in classrooms when taking tests by writing answers down on scraps of paper and hiding them in their shirtsleeve. Or better yet, kids write answers on their wrists or ankles – very clever.
     But not all cheat sheets have to emulate cheating. Some of these little scraps of paper can be called reminder sheets. You have seen them – the yellow sticky notes all over the place with various notes. One of the funniest was from the movie Romancing the Stone where actress Kathleen Turner couldn’t find a tissue to blow her nose so she used the sticky note which said “Buy tissues” to empty her nostrils.
     You may want to put some reminder sheets around your business or in your employee’s weekly paycheck envelope. The message can be inspirational or instructional. Call it a cheat sheet if you’d like – you might be cheating your competition out of a good idea.

     Do we use cheat sheets in our business? That term brings up memories of sitting near the back in Spanish class and observing many students surreptitiously referring to small lists of vocabulary. It is an unpleasant memory because so many were harming themselves, and because they were raising the grading curve. (I assume most of them went into public service, and that is the reason public policy is so bad.) I earned my low Spanish grade honestly, and am proud of it.
     We do use checklists – another form of cheat sheets. We have computer printed checklists for materials and procedures for attic heat pump installations, closet heat pump installations, preventative maintenance, and product features.
     My workers inform me when a truck-stocked item is low, that I write it in a pocket notebook – yet another type of cheat sheet. The result is dramatically reduced incidence of being on the job without a necessary part.
     Our productivity is extremely high, so there is money left for big (inspirational) bonuses on most jobs.

David Green
Green Electric
New Braunfels, Texas

If you enjoyed his last book, the NEXT Contractor, you’ll enjoy Profit Tips 1.1.1. even more. The price is $14.95 plus $3.75 S&H. John is taking orders right now at his website (www.ideaperson.net) — click on ‘Profit Tips 1.1.1.’ You can order using PayPal and be assured of getting the copies fresh off the press. If you choose to order via check, the address is at the website, too. Order TODAY!

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Updated: July 2, 2008 — 1:29 pm

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  1. I really appreciate you writing this article! I work for a heating and air conditioning company, and we have the exact same situation, it seems like! Maybe someday ours will be as successful as yours is.

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