1 in 8 Homes Has a Programmable Thermostat…

…but even for those households that use central air conditioning and have a programmable thermostat, more than two-thirds of them control temperatures without actually programming the thermostat.
In a 2015 survey, respondents were asked how they set indoor temperatures during the summer. Almost half (45%) of households using central air-conditioning units said they set the thermostat at one temperature and left it there most of the time. The second most common approach was to manually adjust the temperature at night or when no one was at home (26%). Using a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust indoor temperatures was the third most common approach (18%), and it was more common than manually turning equipment on or off as needed (11%).
Read more on these interesting facts here: www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.php?id=32112

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