Meet Tim Cardis, Account Manager with Jackson Systems

Tim CardisTim Cardis recently joined Jackson Systems as an account manager. His primary responsibility is to work with our clients to ensure we are providing easy-to-install and innovative solutions. Tim has an extensive background in serving electrical contractors. This dedicated, self-proclaimed “Dance Dad” spends his time away from work preparing his beautiful daughter for dance competitions.

Click here to see Tim’s video introduction: Tim Cardis, Account Manager at Jackson Systems

Serve Me! – Courtesy of Greg McAfee, Greg McAfee Consulting

While vacationing with my family in Destin, Florida, we had the opportunity to eat at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It’s a neat place to eat, and the food was delicious. One of the things that caught my eye at Bubba Gump’s were the signs positioned on each table, flip-style signs with a red placard that said, “Stop Forrest Stop” to alert servers that the diners needed something.

When no assistance was needed, the blue placards were flipped into view, reading “Run Forrest Run.” This humorous but functional table adornment was very convenient for diners and servers alike, and all the servers did a wonderful job of paying attention to the signs. Of course, good customer service is always in order, so even when we had our blue sign displayed, our server still stopped by to make sure we had everything we needed.

That concept made me think about how we serve our customers. When a customer calls in, it is similar to them putting up their red sign, and we’re more than happy to help them with whatever they need. However, what do we do when the blue sign is up and everything is okay? Customer service does not start and end when there are problems. Are we proactive enough to call our customers, write them, or shoot them an email, just to make sure all is well in their air-conditioned or heated world? As the old adage goes, it never hurts to ask, and sometimes, we won’t even know that someone needs help unless we approach them first.

Our CSR and Service Technicians can do a world of good by asking:
Would you like any filters delivered with your service call?
Are there any cold or hot spots in your home?
Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies?
Do you experience problems with dryness during certain seasons?
Is your thermostat accurate?
Is your furnace too noisy?
Are you experiencing higher-than-usual utility bills?
Are you comfortable?

These questions will help you discover when your customers have a problem and haven’t yet held up their red sign. We must always be ready to “Stop Forrest Stop” when our customers need help, and sometimes that means stepping up to check while the sign is still blue.

Carry On!


Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant

“Crazy Ants” Invade the Southern United States

s-CRAZY-ANTS-largeThere is nothing that gets my skin crawling more than insects, particularly ants. Now these creepy critters are destroying electronics, including cooling units, in the southern states. A breed of ants indigenous to South America has found its way to the southern United States. These “Raspberry Crazy Ants” are responsible for the destruction of everything from iPhones to laptaps and central cooling units. The ants are attracted to electrical currents. Once the little critter is electrocuted, he emits a pheromone, attracting all of his buddies. The swarm of critters face the same fate, shorting out electrical components.

The really bad news is these ants do not respond to common pesticides. The good news for heating and cooling contractors is a special relay can save those outdoor units. Emerson offers the SureSwitch relay which features enclosed contactors, making them nearly impossible for crazy ants to penetrate. These universal and easy-to-install relays provide you one more way to protect your customers’ investment. Click here for more information: Emerson SureSwitch

The RedLINK Internet Gateway Rebate from Honeywell and Jackson Systems

THM6000RIG_LoresThe RedLINK™ Internet Gateway (RIG) allows your customers to remotely monitor and control their heating and cooling systems anytime, anywhere, from any device. Now here’s one more reason to buy: Contractor PRO members will earn 1250 points (equal to $25) for every RedLINK Internet Gateway invoice logged from now through December 2013. And even better, its free to enroll and Jackson Systems automatically reports your purchases to Honeywell.


The RedLINK Internet Gateway works with the all-new VisionPRO® 8000 and any Prestige® IAQ or Wireless FocusPRO™ thermostat. You can drive add-on sales with innovative wireless accessories that install in minutes and solve more comfort challenges for your customers. And you will stay in front of your customers with your logo and contact information imprinted right on the thermostat.


Below is additional information on the redesigned Honeywell Prestige and the new RedLINK capable VisionPRO thermostats. To become a Contractor PRO member, visit or give us a call at 888.652.9663.


The Redesigned Prestige IAQPrestige IAQ_EIM_New Design_LoRez

The Prestige IAQ comes in a choice of high-gloss acrylic frame colors, has a 60% smaller footprint and features a full-color display that can match the home’s décor. The interview-based programming wizard allows for ease of programming thermostat temperature and times. A USB port allows downloading of installer settings to quickly and accurately perform set-up and upload of a contractor logo and contact information. This RedLINK enabled thermostat will communicate with compatible wireless devices, including remote sensors, IAQ equipment and portable comfort controls. For more information click here.


The All-New VisionPRO 800VisionPRO8000_Low Res

The VisionPRO 8000 offers universal installation capabilities across the residential and light commercial markets. There are three flexible ways to install which helps solve a variety of wiring issues. This RedLINK enabled thermostat features plain language set-up and a micro SD port for quick installer set-up. On screen contractor information alerts your customers who to contact for service or repairs. And, with three models available, there is a Vision PRO to fit any application. For more information click here .


Jackson Systems is also able to provide imprinting on all models. Get your company logo, name and phone number professionally imprinted at no cost.


To learn more about thermostat imprinting, please visit

Court Puts Regional Standards on Ice – Article Courtesy of ACHR News

logoThe News recently published a great article about regional gas furnace efficiency standards. Here is an excerpt from the article:


A ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has officially put regional furnace standards on ice — for now. The court granted an emergency motion filed by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to stay the standards which would’ve required residential nonweatherized natural gas furnaces installed in 30 Northern states to have an AFUE rating of at least 90 percent. Click here to read the full article: Court Puts Regional Standards on Ice

Branding Tip #36 from Greg McAfee

greg-mcafee-logo3I would run out of fingers counting the number of times a business owner contacts me for consulting, and when I go to search for their website; they are nowhere to be found.


I use to search and register website addresses for many HVAC companies. My advice-keep it simple and use the domain name .com. I’ve helped many start-up companies build a starter site for less than $500. People will not call you if they cannot find you!


Carry On!


To visit Greg’s Web site or to request a copy of his enews and Branding tips, click here.

New Line of Honeywell Thermostats Makes Having a Smart Heating and Cooling System Easier

Honeywell Prestige and VisionPROJackson Systems is pleased to announce the addition of the newly redesigned Prestige® and VisionPRO® thermostats. Both of these thermostats are RedLINK® capable, giving homeowners access to control their heating and cooling systems via the Internet from anywhere in the world.


The new Prestige is 60% smaller than the Prestige 2.0 and available in 4 colors. Delta T alerts and diagnostics inform customers when their system is not operating as expected. The user interaction log provides a searchable history of setting changes. Assignable outputs for indoor air quality allow the thermostat to control humidification, dehumidification and other IAQ equipment. Customizable service reminders allow the contractor to schedule alerts for routine maintenance on the HVAC system. A USB port on the thermostat allows for quick set-up and programming. The new Prestige will even allow the user to change the background color on the screen to match nearly any décor.

The new VisionPRO from Honeywell can be powered by batteries, hard-wired or powered by the equipment. This 7-day programmable thermostat features a micro SD port and plain language programming for easy installer set-up. The new VisionPRO works with the RedLINK Internet Gateway and can use all of the same accessories as the Prestige. Perfect for residential or light commercial use, this attractive, touchscreen thermostat is priced right for any budget.


We are excited about the opportunities this new offering affords our clients. With homeowners demanding “smart” products for their homes, the new Honeywell Prestige and VisionPRO thermostats offer contractors additional options to fill their customers’ needs.

Meet Rachel Cox

Rachel CoxRachel Cox is an account manager at Jackson Systems. She joined the sales team in 2012. Rachel is a native of Indiana with a degree from the University of Indianapolis. She brings more than 12 years of client service experience to our team. Rachel is our resident football fan and rarely misses a Sunday or Monday night game. Watch Rachel’s video here: RachelCox.

Meet Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales

As the director of sales at Jackson Systems, LLC, Kurt manages the company sales and business development efforts. A graduate of Ball State University in secondary education, Kurt started his professional career as a middle school teacher and baseball and basketball coach in the Perry Township school system in Indianapolis. Kurt then moved into various sales positions with major manufacturers before joining Jackson Systems in 2004. Kurt lives in Greenwood with his wife Amy Jo and Maddy, their daughter, and enjoys spending his free time playing sports, working outdoors and spending time with his family. Click the link to see Kurt’s introduction video – Kurt_JS.

Service Roundtable Brand Days

Jackson Systems will be one of the hosts for the Service Roundtable Brand Days coming up in Nashville, TN on May 9 and in Greensboro, NC on May 16. These half day seminars will focus on the importance the contractors brand, best practices for branding and all of the points of interaction that define a contractor’s brand. For more information about Service Roundtable, go to

Branding Tip #35 from Greg McAfee – Get Personal

Getting to know as many customers as possible should be important to you. More importantly however, customers need to get to know you! I’ve taken notice to so many companies, using generic individuals rather than themselves or their team in their advertising endeavors. If you’re a commercial/industrial company, then I get that. But if you’re like me, serving Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, then they need to know who you are and who represents your company. How do you get personal?

1. On your website, you should have an “About Us” page. It should have a picture of the owner, leadership team and founder.
2. Your ads should have a touch of you, your team and your home-town community.
3. Get out into your community and support it.


For more business-building tips or to contact Greg, go to



Thermostat Recycling Program at Jackson Systems

As a participant in the Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC), Jackson Systems is committed to helping contractors and homeowners dispose of old mercury thermostats properly. TRC facilitates and manages the collection and proper disposal of mercury-containing thermostats. The Thermostat Recycling Corporation is an industry-funded non-profit corporation supported by 31 manufacturers who historically branded and sold mercury thermostats in the United States.



We want to make it easy for contractors to properly dispose of mercury thermostats, so we set up a thermostat collection program. Whenever you replace a mercury-containing thermostat, keep the old ones and ship or bring them to Jackson Systems. We store them in a safe crate and then ship them to the TRC who then recycles the mercury. There are no fees for contractors or homeowners to discard thermostats in TRC recycling containers. TRC assumes all costs to transport and properly dispose of mercury-switch thermostats recovered from service.



The goal of the program is to recycle all mercury-containing thermostats that are taken out of use. By participating in the program you are helping to keep mercury out of the waste stream. Participating also lets you demonstrate your commitment to the environment. TRC has a promotional tool kit that you can use to communicate your association with the program to your customers.


Many states regulate the disposal of products that contain mercury and have recycling requirements for mercury thermostats. And participating in our program is the simplest way to comply with the law. But regardless of state mandates, being environmentally responsible just makes good sense.


Since its inception, TRC has recovered more than 1.4 million thermostats, diverting over 6.4 tons of mercury from solid waste. Nationally, TRC has placed more than 7,000 recycling containers in 48 states.

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