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12 Technical Rules of Thumb for Installing Zoning

1. In most cases, it will not be necessary to modify duct sizing when installing a zoning system.

2. It is a good practice to size the smallest zone to handle approximately 25% of the system CFM.

3. Never undersize the ductwork.

4. Upsizing registers in the smallest zone to the next larger size should be considered.

5. You can double the rated CFM of a register before it starts to become noisy.

6. Multi-stage equipment is always a better choice with a zoning system.

7. It is always better to slightly undersize the HVAC equipment than to oversize it.

8. Never locate a thermostat in a hallway.

9. Dampers should be installed at least 2 feet away from the plenum when possible.

10. Always use a separate 24 volt transformer to power the zone panel. Do not use the equipment transformer.

11. Always tag all wires, especially from dampers and thermostats.

12. Some basements may require setting the zone thermostat in the auto mode during the cooling season for the following reasons: basement walls are cold as a result of being underground, uninsulated ductwork located in the basement acts as a cooling radiator, ductwork leaking air, cold air falls.

For questions about zoning or for a quote on a zoning system, call us at 888.652.9663.

Zoning Selling Tips

zoning floor plan
1. Look for finished basements, add-on rooms or other additions where comfort may be a problem

2. Ask homeowners if there are particular areas in the home that are too hot or too cold.

3. If the homeowner is seeking a second system for their home, zoning may be a more cost effective option.

4. To help customers understand zoning, explain how their refrigerator has two separate zones, one for fresh foods and one for frozen foods.

5. Challenge homeowners to imagine a home with only one light switch that can only turn the lights on or off for the entire house. With a single-thermostat forced air system, they have to condition all of the air to condition any given space. Just like having one light switch to control all of the lights in the house.

Look for future posts on technical tips for installing zoning.

New E-Commerce Site Makes Ordering Easier

E-commerce ShotWe recently updated the look and navigation of our Web site to make it easier to find the great products you are searching for. A large part of this upgrade was improvements to our online ordering system. The new E-commerce tool is easier to use and contains more information about your account. With the new site, past orders can be viewed, quotes can be viewed and changed to orders and you can upload a CSV file of common or repetitive orders. These are just a few of the new features of the site. To help you better take advantage of the new E-commerce offerings, we have created a guide to navigating the site. We hope you find the changes useful and using the site a more enjoyable experience. Download the E-commerce User Guide

Smart Thermostat Sales on the Rise

The News recently reported that the smart thermostat market is projected to reach $1.4 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2020. With the increase in retailers selling these thermostats, there is clearly a huge opportunity for HVAC contractors to take their share. It can be a tough sell to some homeowners who really don’t understand the value a smart thermostat can bring to their comfort and the energy savings they can afford.

Last year, we published two maintenance agreements offering a “connected” package. This highest level of the agreements allow HVAC contractors to offer a smart thermostat with their top service agreement. Below is a link to one of the maintenance agreements. It can be customized with your contact information, logo and pricing. Feel free to download it. Here’s to spring and increased profits.

Maintenance Agreement

HVAC Business Boot Camp Open for Registration

build-your-businessIf Greg McAfee can do it…in Dayton, Ohio, you can too! Greg made an investment of $274.00 and worked to become the leading HVAC service provider in an area that’s been deemed one of the ten worst places to do business in the United States, Dayton, Ohio. Learn how he went from his humbling beginnings to a growing multi-million dollar company.

And now, Former Marine Greg McAfee and his Team are ready to share their knowledge, systems and quality practices with HVAC Business Owners and managers. There is an early bird discount for registrations made by February 14. Click here for more information or to register: HVAC Business Boot Camp

Performance Contracting

Tom Jackson visits with a contractor at the ACCA Building Performance Forum sponsored by "The News"

Tom Jackson visits with a contractor at the ACCA Building Performance Forum sponsored by “The News”

Energy savings is top-of-mind as we move into what could be a very harsh winter in some parts of the United States. This paired with the growing consumer demand for “green” products is driving many HVAC contractors to performance-based contracting. By viewing the house as a system, these contractors open up a new revenue stream while also doing their customers a great service. As energy costs continue to increase and the demand for “greener” products grows, performance-based contracting is sure to follow.

Here is a link to a great story in “The News”, explaining some strategies for getting into performance-based contracting and resources available to contractors. ACCA Examines Performance-Based Contracting

Honeywell Giving Away 4 Indian Chief Motorcycles

trueease_updatedHoneywell and Indian Motorcycle — two American icons — have teamed up for the High Gear Humidification Program. There’s no better time to open up the throttle on your humidifier installations, because now
every qualifying Honeywell humidifier comes with a chance to win a new 2014 Indian Chief, the flagship model of the popular Indian lineup!

Homeowners value the efficiency and comfort of Honeywell humidifiers almost as much as you value the installation ease. And now you’ll get an entry into the High Gear Giveaway with every TrueSTEAM™, TrueEASE™, HE265 and HE225 whole-house humidifier you buy — entry details are in every box featuring the High Gear Giveaway sticker. Every TrueEASE also comes with a free HumidiPRO. The contest ends March 31. We have these humidifiers in stock. Call us at 888.652.9663 to place your order!

Click here for details.

Contractor Educates Their Community on Preventative Maintenance

Goff Heat and Cooling

Goff Heat and Cooling in Kirbyville, MO was recently featured in their local newspaper, Branson Tri-Lakes News. They used this opportunity to educate homeowners in their area about the importance of preventative maintenance. The article provides excellent tips to consumers, but also valuable information on selling these agreements to consumers. We wanted to share this great article (with Goff Heat and Cooling permission) with other contractors. It not only contains great information, but showcases how contractors can use their local media to promote their companies through educating the public. Here is a link to the full article: HVAC Preventative Maintenance Explained

Thanks to Goff Heat and Cooling for sharing this article and allowing us to share with other contractors.

Meet Jaymie Hunkler, Jackson Systems Account Manager

Jaymie Hunckler Meet Jaymie Hunckler, account manager with Jackson Systems. Jaymie joined Jackson Systems in March of this year. She spends her time here providing solutions to her clients and ensuring Jackson Systems is providing exceptional client service. When not juggling 10-1/2 month old twins, Jaymie is an avid DYI-er who loves music and the outdoors. Click here to see Jaymie’s introduction video: Jaymie Hunckler

Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors of 2012

The Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors of 2012

Imagine the situation; a family is going about their usual routine and getting ready to turn in for the night when they hear an alarm so loud it could wake the dead. Only it isn’t their smoke alarm going off, it’s their carbon monoxide detector reacting to a leaky furnace – a leaky furnace that is emitting an odorless, deadly gas. Thank goodness their HVAC service person suggested installing the detector last month during a routine service call. Imagine the outcome if he hadn’t thought to mention it. His simple suggestion saved an entire family from a silent killer, and now he will forever be a hero in this family’s eyes.


Carbon monoxide is one of the most common household threats, and many states have laws that require certain residential buildings to have working carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors offer an up sell opportunity (and a chance to save lives) for every routine service call.  Homeowners will likely welcome the ability to mitigate the risk of losing a loved one.


This silent killer gas is emitted from any appliance that burns natural gas such as gas stoves, heaters or improperly vented fireplaces to name just a few. Without such a life saving device people will have to rely on noticing symptoms such as feeling of lethargy, nausea, sudden tiredness, dizziness or headaches. However, if you are asleep in your bed when this silent killer comes around you will never wake up.


When you go into a home ask or check to see if they have a carbon monoxide detector that is working and up to date. It is a good idea to have one near the bedrooms and another in close proximity to the furnace. Make sure to install them so they are mounted towards the floor because carbon monoxide is heavier than air so it settles around the floor.


Air Products and Control came out with three new carbon monoxide detectors in 2012 that offer some very useful innovations. The latest addition to their line of contractor-friendly life safety devices includes UL Listed Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. They are tailored for indoor residential applications, backed by APC’s 5-year warranty, these professional-grade alarms are a convenient, high quality alternative to what they’re offering at the Big Box store.


These detectors come with optochemical sensor technology which provides resistance to nuisance alarms, extends the sensor life and has a failsafe notification. If, for example, you have a low battery, it has a low audible sound that tells you your batteries need replaced.


These models also come with an alarm that will alert a homeowner when the CO detector needs to be replaced. Many people are unaware that an actual sensor has a limited life of about six years. This feature will let homeowners rest assured that they will know when their sensor is no longer working.


Air Products and Controls 2012 models



Works with a nine volt battery and is a great option for existing structures since there is no expensive wiring required.



This model also works with a nine volt battery, but is different because it is a combination CO and smoke detector.



Works with a 120 volt battery and hard wired combination and is a combination CO and smoke detector. This model is the best option for new construction and can be wired in accordance with building codes to accommodate the rising legislation requiring all new construction to have wired CO detectors for homes with fossil fuel heat sources. The battery operation is included to work as a backup in case of a power outage.

VCS with Damper Closed

The VCS is here!

We’re proud to introduce you to our new VCS Ventilation Control System!

The VCS Ventilation Control System is a low cost fresh air control system designed to improve residential indoor air quality. This is accomplished by introducing fresh air through an intake damper controlled by the VCS logic panel. The VCS dramatically increases indoor air quality by decreasing VOCs. Most importantly, the VCS is easy to install and set up, meets the ASHRAE 62.2 standard, and is backed by a five year warranty.

VCS features include:

  • Micro-controller logic panel
  • Status LEDs
  • Single adjustment set-up
  • “Damper Closed” override switch
  • Exhaust fan control option
  • Outdoor temperature and/or humidity limit option
  • Remote “Damper Open” override option

A quick reference chart is supplied that helps you simplify the selection of the ventilation cycle to meet the ASHRAE 62.2 standard. The math has already been done and ventilation cycle rate suggestions are made. The easy-to-use dial allows you to set the minutes of ventilation desired thus meeting the suggested requirements specified in ASHRAE 62.2. There is also an override switch that can be used to place the damper in the auto or closed mode. Status LEDs located on the panel also help the contractor verify that the system is operating properly or to help diagnose a potential issue.

To learn more about the VCS Ventilation System from Jackson Systems, please call 1.888.652.9663 or visit

New feature for the WCT-32 Wireless Thermostat

Many contractors are familiar with Jackson Systemswireless thermostat, the WCT-32.  The wireless thermostat is a no hassle, easy installation thermostat that does not require you to run wires to the thermostat.

We have now upgraded the WCT-32 Wireless Comfort Thermostat. The new feature provides the contractor with being able to turn off the upstage option. This is very beneficial in geothermal applications.   This will allow you to run your first stage geothermal heat longer and without a forced upstage to your auxiliary heat.  You still have the option of using a timed upstage to advance to the auxiliary heat after so many minutes if needed.

The WCT-32 Wireless Comfort Thermostat keeps getting better!

If you would like additional information on Jackson Systems' WCT-32 Wireless Thermostat, please call us at 888-652-9663

Installation of Bypass Humidifiers

Sometimes contractors ask us where to mount the new bypass humidifiers from Honeywell.

The new Honeywell bypass humidifiers can be mounted on either the supply duct or the return duct. 

When the humidifier is mounted on the supply duct, the 6 inch bypass duct is connected to the return duct.

When the humidifier is mounted on the return duct, the 6 inch bypass duct is connected to the supply duct.


Either way you have the unit mounted, the airflow will always be from the supply (warm air or high pressure) to the return duct (cool air or low pressure).


Jackson Systems believes that you will have a slightly higher operating efficiency when the bypass humidifier is mounted on the supply duct and having the 6 inch bypass duct connected to the return; therefore we recommend mounting the humidifier on the supply duct whenever possible.

Hot Yoga and the T-32-P

Birkram Yoga, commonly know as hot yoga, is becoming more popular in the fitness world.  Hot Yoga incorporates yoga in a room heated to 105°F with a humidity of 40%. Most standard thermostats out in the market place can not heat and control a room to 105°F.  Jackson Systems’ T-32-P is a great thermostat for Hot Yoga facilities.  The T-32-P has an operating temperature up to 122°F.  This is one of the highest operating ranges available without incorporating expensive DDC Systems.  A separate humidifier with its own controller to add RH (relative humidity) will optimize your Hot Yoga experience.  The T-32-P is a low cost, fantastic thermostat with many great features and can be your thermostat of choice for HOT Yoga rooms.


For more information on Jackson Systems' T-32-P™, please visit us at or call 888-652-9663


ecobee Smart Thermostats receive another free software upgrade

Ecobee, the multiple award-winning green technology company that provides energy management products to the residential and commercial markets, has announced their third over-the-air software upgrade.  The Wi-Fi enabled Smart Thermostatcontinues to receive new features and functionality at no additional cost to ecobee customers. Utilizing a seamless process, ecobee has enhanced all of their Smart Thermostats. The new feature set includes:

Additional customized climate periods within the editor feature of the seven day schedule.

Added support for a two-hour manual override.

The ability to program humidity alerts.

Better support and more options for ground source & geothermal heat pumps.

Extra support for steam humidifiers including the ability to allow
humidification with or without a call for heat.

Support for a UV lamp air filter within the HVAC system.

Temporary manual overrides for fan settings.

Random start heat and cool operations for multiple system applications.

“We chose these upgrades by listening to what our customers were requesting” says Stuart Lombard, President & CEO, ecobee. “At ecobee we strive to constantly improve our product and incorporate features relevant to customer needs. We work diligently to offer an outstanding user experience and adhere to our principal of green made easy.”  ecobee has also released a new version of the ecobee iPhone and iPod Touch app for the Smart Thermostat. This app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store.

Check out the ecobee demo at

Innovative Controls from Jackson Systems – right at your fingertips!

Jackson Systems manufactures some of the most innovative control products in the HVAC marketplace.  Jackson Systems' forced air control products are reliable, versatile and simple to install.  All of these products are now easily reviewed in one, convenient location.  The interactive catalog from Jackson Systems is an easy way to view what's new within their product lines.  Check out the latest products from Jackson Systems by clicking on this link:   Jackson Systems Catalog

You might be surprised at some of the opportunities to improve your clients' comfort with simple products that you may not know even existed.  Also, over the next several months, Jackson Systems will be releasing several new products.  The catalog will be updated to reflect these new additions.  Please be on the look out for notification of these releases.  You can also check back often to see the latest version of the catalog

Finally, because our interactive catalog is available online, access to the information is available 24/7.   Jackson Systems is proud to manufacture simple to install products and are happy to offer an equally easy to use resource.

Catalog Cover2

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